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Understanding How Bailouts Work

What is a bailout? Since the beginning of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, a lot of financial terms have been thrown around by financial experts, Media, and Uncle Sam but nobody has taken the time out to explain what all these terms mean to Joe who isn’t very good with dictionaries. Outside of a class to gain financial knowledge, this article provides most of what every Joe needs to understand what a bailout is all about.

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How the Financial Crisis Began?

According to the Federal Reserve and various other independent financial experts, the financial crisis of 2008 was largely an extension of the sub-prime mortgage crisis resulting from a burst in housing prices, and the inability of mortgage borrowers to fulfill their payment obligations and refinance current mortgage. This led to a situation where banks didn’t have enough money for lending and normal business purposes.

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Second ‘$800 billion’ Bailout and US Consumer Banking

Unlike the first $700 billion stimulus package which was intended to promote inter-bank lending, the second bailout $800 billion economic stimulus package would be used to purchase consumer debt and mortgage backed securities.

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