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5 New Credit Cards – June 2010

Five new credit cards for United States introduced in June 2010. New credit cards with full card reviews – Discover, Chase, Upromise, AccountNow.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Choosing Cards, New Credit Cards

How to Win a Credit Card Dispute

When you have a dispute with a credit card company or issuer, you need to ensure that you handle the dispute correctly in order to gain leverage over the issue you are having and the situation that you are in. You may or may not decide to pay your debts if there is an error on your monthly bill.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Credit Card Tips, Financial Planning

Shutting Down a Credit Line Can Damage Your Score

If your credit card company tries to stick you with extra charges, your first instinct may be to close out your account. This isn’t always the best idea. Continue reading to find out how shutting down your card could end up hurting your FICO score.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Credit Card Basics, Financial Planning, Report & Score

Citi Diamond Preferred Card Pricing Update

Citi Bank has announced a pricing update for the Diamond Preferred Credit Card. This change is taking effect on Wednesday, June 9th.

Author: CreditCardsCo | Categories: Choosing Cards, Credit Card News

Chase Slate Vertical Card – Introducing

JPMorgan & Chase Co., is introducing new vertical design of Slate from Chase card. The new Chase credit card will be officialy introduced on June 1st under the name of Chase Slate℠ Vertical card. This credit card is powered with Blueprint℠…

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Choosing Cards, Credit Card News, Special Offers

WTDirect $500* Cash Bonus – Discontinued

For every $10,000 deposited to WTDirect savings account, you will receive a $100 bonus, up to a maximum of $500. WT Direct has never offered such a higher cash bonus. Get the bonus and enjoy your savings! (Note: Offer Discontinued.)

Author: Joanne Lee | Categories: Banking, Financial Planning, Special Offers

NMB Agrees to Stop Issuing Credit Cards

A small New Jersey bank that specializes in credit cards for people with damaged credit histories has shut down its card program because of regulatory problems.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Bad Credit, Banking, Credit Card Reform

What’s so good About the YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Whether you have bad credit or simply don’t like the idea of credit cards, the YAP MasterCard prepaid card can provide you with the same convenient options, and save you the hassle. With a bevy of attractive features and a system that it is easy to use, you might even forget that it’s a prepaid card at all.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Bad Credit, Choosing Cards, Prepaid

Discover Bank CD, IRA, Money Market and Savings Rates Update

Discover Bank has updated its CD, IRA, Money Market, and Online Savings rates. The most up-to-date rates effective as of 4/27/2010.

Author: CreditCardsCo | Categories: Banking, Saving Tips, Special Offers

Debt Settlement Companies – Good or Bad ?

More than 1,800 debt settlement companies have sprang up in Texas and New York within the past 4 years. This is probably due to the economy and the fact that a higher than ever number of Americans are in debt.

Author: CreditCardsCo | Categories: Credit Card Debt, Debt Consolidation

Balance Transfers Can Improve Your Credit Score

It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or are trying to rebuild yours, improving your credit score will always help you. You can take advantage of things like balance transfers to aid you in your goal, but you need to understand their intricacies to ensure that it will work properly for you.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Balance Transfer, Report & Score

Understanding Credit Cards

There are many things that you might not know about your credit card that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Credit card companies are very good at creating products that provide a legitimate, beneficial service to you while at the same time maximizing their profits. If you understand their systems, you can save money in the end.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Credit Card Basics, Financial Planning

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