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Brian Weston is a professional who enjoys educating young adults on the proper use of credit cards. Because he has seen so many young people struggle with debt, he tries to get the word out about credit cards to them before it's too late. His strong background in finance helps students to learn a proper respect for money and credit. Also at: Credit Card News.

Brian Weston

New Prepaid Cards Data

Seems as though there are new offers for prepaid cards being unveiled on a daily basis. Make no mistake, these financial products are here to stay and fortunately, the costs associated with using these financial products are dropping, too.

Credit Card Debt Drops in Early 2013

TransUnion reported today that the average credit card debt fell to $4,878 in the first quarter of 2013. This is great news and ideally will reveal a more confident consumer heading into the summer months.

Why Do Fewer Americans Own Homes?

There are fewer Americans who own homes today. The recession and lax mortgage rules from the past decade play a role, but smart credit card choices can help rebuild credit.

What is Bitcoin?

Have your Bitcoin account yet? Here’s why it matters – and why you should probably consider having an account.

Smart Newlyweds Carefully Choose Credit Cards

Wedding season is quickly approaching. We can’t force newlyweds to learn the importance of APR and late payments, but there are some great credit card offers that can help them as they begin their new lives.

No Annual Fee Cards Can Still be Found

If it’s a no annual fee credit card you’re looking for, here are several recommendations, including Amex Blue Sky.

Prepaid Cards Latest Must Have Financial Product

Looks like prepaid debit cards are the new “must have” in financial products.

Discover “It”

The Discover “It” card was unveiled just today – and “It” offers benefits we’ve never seen in a credit card offer, including no late fee for your first late payment, if you ever need it.

Yes, Fiscal Cliff Could Change Your Credit Card

One week left and the president and Congress have bailed – which was the one thing all parties agreed on. Here’s how it affects your credit cards.

Best Discover Credit Cards for 2012

Been considering a Discover card? Check out the best Discover card offers this year before you decide.

Pros & Cons: Gift Cards

It appears on the surface there are few differences between prepaid debit card products and gift cards. One offers more protection courtesy of the new credit card laws.

Chase Ink for Small Businesses

Chase Ink cards were designed with small business owners in mind.

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