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Carolyn Spiel is the owner of a finance blog. She mostly focuses on credit card reviews. She helps the public to decipher some of the more difficult to understand terms and conditions of many credit cards. Her ability to put information in a plain and easy to understand article is a gift that benefits many readers. Also at: Credit Card News.

Carolyn Spiel

Barclaycard Credit Card Offers

Looking for a better credit card offer? Barclaycard might have the perfect solution. Here, we outline several of its latest offers.

Buffet Backs Dimon in Treasury Role

Yes, Warren Buffet really believes Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, should be considered to replace Timothy Geithner.

Fewer Using Rewards Cards on Black Friday, Fewer Working

Bank’s Reward’s Baro’meter shows we may not be using our rewards cards this holiday season as Wal Mart gears up to possibly handle striking workers.

Can You Deduct Credit Card Interest?

Brush up on the tax laws as we prepare for tax season. Learn more about credit card interest and what’s deductible.

Out of College, Female Grads Already Earning $8,000 Less

Women are at a disadvantage the moment they walk off their college campuses with their diplomas as they immediately are earning $8,000 less than their male counterparts.

Elite Credit Cards from American Express

Looking for an elite credit card offer? Don’t discount American Express.

Chase Credit Cards and New Technology

Here’s a look at what JPMorgan Chase has been up to – including a look at its co-branded card with smart chip technology.

Back to School: Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Not all cash back credit cards are created equal – here are some of the better credit card offers on the market today.

Credit Card Offers in Time for Holidays

We know – it’s still summer time, but when you think about it, fall is right around the corner – and so are the holidays. Here are some credit card reviews that just might make it a bit more affordable.

Texting Political Donations

Donating to your presidential candidate has gone high tech, courtesy of a ruling this week that allows us to text our donations.

Banking 101: Understanding the Terminology

Many consumers aren’t exactly sure of proper “bank speak”. This week, we explore some of the more commonly used terminology.

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

We’ve all heard peer to peer lending, but what is it and is it a viable option for those looking to secure personal loans?

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