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Carolyn Spiel is the owner of a finance blog. She mostly focuses on credit card reviews. She helps the public to decipher some of the more difficult to understand terms and conditions of many credit cards. Her ability to put information in a plain and easy to understand article is a gift that benefits many readers. Also at: Credit Card News.

Carolyn Spiel

Woman’s Best Friend: the Right Credit Card

Think all credit card offers are the same? Think again; today’s credit-savvy woman knows what’s best for her needs and future and can recognize the best perks in a credit card offer.

Fly High with Co-Branded Credit Card Offers

There is a growing number of co-branded credit cards making airline travel affordable and providing bonus miles that can have you flying for free.

Bad Credit Habits and How to Avoid Them

Changing your credit card purchasing habits isn’t as difficult as you think. Commit to a budget and resist impulse charges.

Chase Instant Rewards Credit Cards

Chase credit card reviews – Instant rewards for Chase Freedom cash back & Chase Southwest Airlines rewards. Perks include account alerts and online bill pay.

Credit Card Billing Errors

Do you know what to do when your credit card has been double charged? Here are a few tips as you seek to correct these errors.

Does A “Credit Record Underclass” Exist?

The misuse of credit reports continues in the U.S. Just how far it goes remains to be seen, though credit histories continue to be considered by hiring managers and credit card companies.

Overhaul for Business Credit Cards?

There are many distinctions that separate a business credit card and a consumer credit card. Congress is now seeking to ensure better regulations for the business credit card industry.

Good News and Even Better Offers

The big credit card companies just released their monthly figures and if you thought March was a good month, you’ll really be impressed with April’s figures

Dispelling Credit Card and Credit Score Myths

Your efforts of protecting your financial history might not be as strong as you think. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Small Business Micro Loan Visa Card

The Small Business Micro Loan Visa is a great choice for small business owners. Since it is a new to the market we are presenting the card introduction for interested businesses.

The Fingerhut Store Card

The Fingerhut store card has been around for years. We take a new look at this traditional favorite.

Not All Prepaid Debit Cards Are Created Equal

The prepaid or re-loadable sector of the financial industry is the fastest growing of all financial products. Learn more about these convenient tools designed to help you manage your money.

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