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Joanne Lee is a mom of three and a self-acclaimed coupon-cutter. Her money saving tips have been used by many families who are looking to save money wherever they can. She always has innovative, fresh ideas to share with everyone. Also at: Credit Card News.

Joanne Lee

3 Financial Tools You Need – Today

Looking for a new financial app or stock buying app? We review three of the better options on the market today.

Financial Literacy Day Empower Consumers

Council for Economic Education, Junior Achievement, and the Jump Start Coalition prepare for their annual financial literacy day.

Think Before Maxing Out Credit Cards

The rewards program should not be your sole reason for taking advantage of a credit card offer. Here are several reasons why.

Save More: Breaking Bad Money Habits

Have bad habits when it comes to your finances? Here are some easy tips, including ways to save on your credit card fees and interest. Saving money doesn’t have to be an overwhelming feat.

Citigroup Founder: ‘Split up Investment Banking’

Citigroup’s Founder, Sanford Weill, says it’s time to split up investment banking, despite the fact he was the one who pushed it through years ago. He insists it’s no longer a viable option in a modern economy.

Magic in Your Wallet

Another celebrity has entered the prepaid debit card market. Is Magic Johnson’s the magic cure-all for celebrity endorsed financial products?

Credit Cards for Vacation

Half of us won’t take a vacation this year. If you’re one of the lucky ones, pay attention to the details – it can make a world of difference in how much you pay in interest and credit card fees.

Credit Card Review: American Express Prepaid

Does an American Express prepaid credit card raise the bar in this sector? Card holders have perks no other prepaid product offers.

New Credit Card Products for College Students

While it’s now illegal for credit card companies to target college students on campus, there is a work around in the form of prepaid cards. American Express introduces its own “work around” for marketing to college students.

Get Better Credit Card Rewards

The new threshold for getting better credit card rewards offers is now 660. Not sure what your scores are? Here’s how to find out and how to improve them if they fall short.

Credit Cards Off College Campuses, Is it Enough?

Should there be tighter regulations for marketing credit cards to college students? They may not be setting up tables on campuses, but they’re honing in on places your kids are more likely to be anyway: social media sites.

New York AG Schneiderman Not for Sale

Politics are often synonymous with “scandal”. For New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, it’s more about doing the right thing – even when the costs are high.

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