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Roberta Sanchez is a credit repair analyst who has helped countless clients to legally clean up their credit reports and improve their scores. She also offers rare information on how consumers can keep credit scores high by keeping balances at just the right ratio to limit, and learning to managing payments and debt load. Also at: Credit Card News.

Roberta Sanchez

Small Business Credit When Credit Scores are Low

A recent study released by MBO Partners provides an interesting look into the state of the American work force. Is small business credit really that difficult to secure?

Why an Emergency Fund Should be a Financial Goal

Sometimes, life just simply gets in the way. An emergency fund is a practical decision that will affect your finances – hopefully, forever.

Establishing Business Credit?

Establishing business credit isn’t difficult, if you know what to do.

Foreclosure Rising in Some States

New trends are troublesome, including the triple digit foreclosure increases in several states. More than three dozen states are seeing some kind of rise in foreclosure.

Does Any of the $917M in Unclaimed Funds Belong to You?

Before the weekend is over, you might discover a financial windfall. Check your state treasurer’s website. Many use their funds for paying off credit cards, savings or weekend getaways.

Criticism for New Mortgage Rules

Battle lines are drawn in new mortgage lending rules set forth by CFPB.

Discover Forced to Refund $200 Million to Consumers

Discover is in the news as CFPB and FDIC order credit card giant to refund millions to consumers who were targeted by deceptive telemarketing practices.

Opening Credit Accounts for the Perks Alone

Sure, the thousands of bonus rewards points for simply opening a new credit card account sounds like a winning solution, but before you ever swipe that new credit card, consider these points.

The Wallaby Card

The buzz is all about the Wallaby card and how it can help consumers make the most of their credit cards.

How We Charged Our New House on Our Credit Card

Imagine paying off your house within a year. Here’s one family’s unconventional way of living a simpler life that’s brought peace and happiness – along with no credit card debt or mortgage.

Stockton Calif. to File Bankruptcy

All eyes are on Stockton this week as it announces it will file bankruptcy within days. Talks with its creditors fell through after three months of negotiations.

College Tuition Up 15%

A new Department of Education report reveals it’s now 15% more expensive to attend college. Will college enrollment drop and force the American dream further out reach?

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