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Roberta Sanchez is a credit repair analyst who has helped countless clients to legally clean up their credit reports and improve their scores. She also offers rare information on how consumers can keep credit scores high by keeping balances at just the right ratio to limit, and learning to managing payments and debt load. Also at: Credit Card News.

Roberta Sanchez

Your Credit: What’s Legal, What’s Not & Other Tips

With so many government agencies, new and updated laws and compliance considerations, and a host of other financial dynamics, it can be difficult for consumers to understand their rights and where to turn for help.

Stay at Home Parents: Second Class Citizens?

Is the 2009 CARD Act realistic with goals of preventing more Americans from making less than ideal credit choices or is too much government control?

Criminal Probe into JPMorgan $2 Billion Loss

The FBI and other federal agencies are now in on the JPMorgan investigation. How serious are these probes and investigations and why is Jamie Dimon still the one smiling?

That New Facebook Friend Could be a Collector

You might be surprised at the weapon some collection agencies are using to collect on your unpaid credit card debt. Here’s a hint: make use of your privacy settings on Facebook.

Help For Overwhelming Credit Card Debt

Many Americans find themselves overwhelmed with credit card debt. There are ways to find yourself back to rosier financial health. It requires patience and homework – but it can make a world of difference for your finances.

Is a Home Equity Loan Right For You?

Thinking it might be a good time to rethink a refinance on your home? Maybe there’s some credit card debt you want to take care of? Carefully consider all of your options before you sign on the dotted line.

Stolen Credit Cards and The Idiots Who Steal Them

There are tons of stories about people convinced they can get away with credit card theft. No one gets away with it every time, but there are some who squeak by from time to time and are never apprehended.

Know Your Rights as an Informed Credit Card Consumer

When credit card companies can’t collect delinquent accounts, they turn them over to collection agencies. There are laws to protect you if this ever happens.

Doing What Matters: Improving Your Credit Scores

Ring in 2012 with a much better outlook and awareness on how your credit scores are calculated and what your credit history looks like. Choose better credit card offers and keep your budget in check.

The Differences in Visa and MasterCard?

There’s little difference between the two biggest credit card issuers, Visa and MasterCard; but the banks that issue them are the ones that set one offer apart from another. Learn more about those differences and the many similarities.

Redefining the Credit Scores to Garner Credit Card Approvals

As it turns out, Americans with good credit scores are getting approved for credit card offers that up until recently required excellent credit scores. Here are a few of our picks if you’re looking to strengthen or rebuild your credit history.

Credit Card Offers Luring Subprime Borrowers Again

If you’ve found yourself in the subprime category with your credit scores, you might be the kind of borrower some lenders are looking for. Many are revamping their credit card offers for those whose credit history has taken a hit in recent years.

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