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Scott Townsend is a financial planner who has shared his time and talents with many individuals as well as organizations. His passion is in teaching others how to manage their finances wisely. He also teaches people how to create wealth and properly prepare for retirement. His knowledge on properly managing debt has helped a lot of people to free themselves from the burdens of credit card debt. Also at: Credit Card News.

Scott Townsend

Is the Financial Crisis Really Behind Us?

From the gross mishandling of the $700 billion TARP bailout to the greed shown by the banks that instead of being punished for, continue to be rewarded instead.

Personal Finance and Same Sex Marriages

Today’s historic Supreme Court Case ruling has many immediate effects for same sex couples. Some of these effects include their personal finance decisions.

Customer of ‘Big Banks’? You Pay More Banking Fees

Just like Mom tried to teach a lesson in money management, we now are learning that the big banks are charging their customers more banking fees for the privilege of the brand.

Should You Be Worried About Troubled Banks?

It’s difficult to put your faith – or keep your faith – in your bank when it seems like every other day presents another scandal. And let’s face it – 2013 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the scandals.

CFPB Chief Touts Success, Congress Still Not Happy

So why are some members of Congress acting like spoiled brats? Worse, why are there those in some committees who refuse to even acknowledge the works by Cordray and CFPB?

Should You Accept a Settlement for Credit Card Debt

Debt settlement programs might not be the best option for consumers with credit card debt. FCC has some recommendations.

6 Financial Mistakes That Can Haunt You

You save, put money to your retirement and make your credit card payments on time. Here are six common sense rules you might not have incorporated.

UK Solution for Financially Prepared Young People

Kids in the UK are already ahead in the financial game – they must be financially literate before graduating high school. Why can’t the U.S. step up to the plate?

Fifth Third Bank Making Incredible Strides for Unemployment

Fifth Third is setting the example for helping its unemployed bank customers with mortgages. Here’s how it’s accomplishing that.

Society and Identity Theft

Not everyone who’s fallen victim to identity theft will have a funny plot line. Here’s how to protect yourself from real life identity thieves.

Making Home Affordable Program: The Hardship Letter

Considering a mortgage modification via the Making Home Affordable Program? You’ll need a hardship letter.

HSBC Controversy Continues

If HSBC thought this latest scandal might fade into the background it’s surely surprised to learn it’s doing anything but.

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