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Scott Townsend is a financial planner who has shared his time and talents with many individuals as well as organizations. His passion is in teaching others how to manage their finances wisely. He also teaches people how to create wealth and properly prepare for retirement. His knowledge on properly managing debt has helped a lot of people to free themselves from the burdens of credit card debt. Also at: Credit Card News.

Scott Townsend

Credit, Money in 2013

2013 promises big changes on all things financial-related. From credit card offers to prepaid debit cards, there are shifts occurring.

Stimulus Efforts “On Course”

Does Hurricane Sandy represent a threat to the economy? What about central bank stimulus? Two reports tell the tale.

Financial Considerations with Hurricane Sandy

Many of the nation’s biggest banks are announcing waivers of late fees for credit card payments and NSF charges for checks. JPMorgan Chase is one, but some of its competitors have not agreed.

Ut Oh: Trouble Brewing Between McCain, Dimon

John McCain didn’t mince words when he spoke about Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and his “whining” about the recent lawsuit regarding Bear Stearns buyout.

The Media and the Truth About Financial Sector

Feel like you don’t know who to trust in the media? How about politicians? It’s a growing problem that neither industry seems to care about as Americans struggle to understand why so little is being done to ensure transparency in the financial sector.

CFPB and Reverse Mortgages

Many believe CFPB covers credit card complaints only. But it’s much more than that, including overseeing reverse mortgages.

Food Stamps Hit Record High In June 2012

As DNC rolls on, news breaks of staggering number of new food stamp applications. Is Obama to blame?

Consumers Still Find Difficulties Filing Class Action Suits

Consumers are finding companies are pushing arbitration agreements to the limit, making it difficult to level the playing field. There’s one lawsuit to blame, too.

New Financial Market for Money Tools and Apps

Don’t let the flood of new online money tools overwhelm you. Do your research and check out our list of reviews.

Chase: Credit Card Wins, Mortgage Modification Suits Lose

Even as Chase is still battling with its policies and public image, its credit card sector is thriving with some of the best credit card offers on the market.

Consumer Complaints Site Opens

The long-awaited CFPB database is now live. Consumers can now review a credit card company’s complaints by customers – and those companies are not happy.

8 Feel-Good Financial Decisions to Make Right Now

Losing sleep over financial worries? You’re not alone. There are many economic worries that are keeping Americans awake at night.

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