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Scott Townsend is a financial planner who has shared his time and talents with many individuals as well as organizations. His passion is in teaching others how to manage their finances wisely. He also teaches people how to create wealth and properly prepare for retirement. His knowledge on properly managing debt has helped a lot of people to free themselves from the burdens of credit card debt. Also at: Credit Card News.

Scott Townsend

JPMorgan $2 Billion Loss and the Volcker Rule

Hindsight is 20/20, but how much of a difference in the massive $2 billion mistake would the Volcker Rule have made were it in place?

Medical Bills and Your Credit

We first heard about the Medical Debt Responsibility Act a few years ago. Now, it’s once again in the spotlight and if it’s passed, it can greatly affect millions of consumers and their credit reports.

Marrying Your Finances

Are you and your spouse financially compatible? Do either of you hide money or credit card statements? This could mean trouble in marital paradise.

Financial Education Resources for Women

Women and men differ significantly in the way they view money, debt and savings. Here are two sites marketed to women, each with many resources for single moms, career women and everything in between.

NFL Players & Their Financial Problems

Warren Sapp filed for bankruptcy protection in Florida. Do former pro football players face more difficulties after retirement?

Audits, HUD Suggest Illegal Behavior Among Banks

New audits uncover disturbing decisions made by five of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers. Some are demanding felony charges be filed.

CFPB Expands Authority

Last July, the CFPB began taking consumer complaints regarding their credit cards. By December, it had grown to accept mortgage complaints. Now, the agency expands once again and covers banking complaints and student loans.

What’s Going on With Google Wallet?

Google has yet one more image problem on its hands; this time, the problem is with Google Wallet and prepaid credit cards and prepaid debit cards. Here’s what happened.

Data Privacy Day 2012

January is Data Privacy month. This is the ideal time to change passwords and double check to ensure you’re as safe as possible with your credit cards and bank accounts.

Credit Card Rules to Take Into 2012

We’re all focusing on New Year’s resolutions. Pay attention to your financial situation to ensure better credit card deals and interest rates for your 2012.

Before You Charge Those Medical Bills

Unexpected medical expenses are a part of life. But before you reach for your credit card, be sure you’ve explored all other options for repaying the hospital or doctor’s office.

Chase Leads with New Credit Card Technology

Chase is the first card company out of the gate that will be incorporating EMV chip technology. Take a look at a few of this company’s credit card offers, including the co-branded British Airways offer which is the first card in the Chase family with the new technology.

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