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Capturing the Zeitgeist: The Citi Forward Credit Card

Citi Forward Credit Card

While there are many cards that deliver rewards and cash backs in the market today, few of them are so attuned to the needs of the young people. Gas rewards, shopping rewards, and business rewards are fine for those who seek those. For those who seek rewards beyond those categories, there is the new Citi Forward Credit Card with its innovative approach.

To make a card that rewards you on the things that you love doing, take a look at what the Citi Forward credit card has to offer in terms of benefits – rewards for using credits wisely, rewards for being eco-friendly, smart credit tools, and no annual fees.

Get Rewarded To Do What You Do

When it comes to credit cards there are a lot of factors to consider even before you choose your card. One of the biggest is interest rates and APR’s or the Annual Percentage Rates. These rates define the finance charges (on a yearly basis) to be paid with your balance when you carry the balance, month to month. High APRs means bigger payments because there are more finance charges attached. The Citi Forward credit card is one of the few cards that give you a chance to lower your APR. To do that, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled – make a purchase, make the payment on time and stay under the credit line for the first three months of your billing cycle — doing this will lower your APR down by unit percentages over two years.

ThankYou Points For Good Behavior

Why ThankYou points? One of the best reasons is that when you use credit wisely it not only benefits you but also others like your bank, your peers, your family, your favorite merchants, your future mortgage and car loan, your student loan – virtually everything and everyone you are connected to. The Citi Forward credit card gives you the opportunity to earn those points in some very interesting ways:

  • When you use your credit card to pay for the things you love doing, you earn a chunk of points. Things like purchasing movie tickets, books, music, and at restaurants. All other purchases earn you points on a lower scale.
  • Making monthly payments on time and staying under your credit line earns bonus points.
  • Making purchases worth a certain amount within the first three months of receiving your card, earns even more points.
  • Earn still more bonus points by opting for paperless statements within the first three months of your account opening.

These are some truly innovative ways to collect rewards on your Citi Forward credit card.

About Balance Transfers and Introductory Purchases

As an introductory offer, balance transfers have no finance charges applicable on a set period of months, although balance transfer fees are still applicable. There is also an introductory period during which there are no finance charges applicable on purchases made with the card and there are no fees associated to making these purchases.

Smarter Tools and Benefits

The spend tracker is a special tool that allows the cardholders to monitor spending and then estimate and compare the totals of their spending patterns with peers. Other benefits like the virtual account number allows cardholders to shop online without revealing their true account number, the photo card adds a layer of security through photo identification, and the retail purchase protection covers certain items from theft and accidental damage for a specified time period.


The Citi Forward credit card is indeed forward looking and in keeping with the spirit of the times. With no annual fees, it is also one of the sensible ones in the market today.

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