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Cash Back Credit Card Offers

Cash Back Credit Card Offers

Everyone can appreciate the many benefits of a cash back credit card offer – the trick is finding the one that best suits your needs. Need an intro APR? Maybe it’s a no annual fee dynamic you’re looking for? Ideally, you’d be able to find the perfect card – with all the perks – and the cash back benefits to cap the offer. Take a look at a few of these offers – you might find yourself redefining perfection as credit card companies continue to up the ante in wooing new customers.

Bank One MasterCard

The One Bank is known for its versatile offers (including the student credit card we review below). With a strong offering in benefits most often sought after in this particular sector, those who choose this bank know they’re getting some of the best perks in the industry.

This credit card offer has a bit of everything, including no processing or application fees, a $0 fraud liability protection, the ability to personalize your credit card, a 0% intro APR, and of course, a cash back rewards option. Get prequalified in 60 seconds, too.

Blue Cash Everyday from American Express

The Blue Cash Everyday from AMEX card is classic American Express with a cash rebate program in place. There’s a low interest and no annual fee dynamic and for the first 12 months along with no worries about interest rate, courtesy of the 12 month 0% APR. You can transfer balances from higher APR cards, too. This provides a great way to get balances paid down much faster.

Earn a $100 cash back bonus after your first $1,000 charged and 1% cash back on most purchases. Once you hit a $6500 threshold in a calendar year, you’ll begin earning 3% cash back. This is applicable to everyday charges such as gas and groceries. No limits or expiration dates sweetens the deal. Keep in mind, however, excellent credit is required to qualify for this particular card offer.

You’ll also enjoy emergency card replacement, fraud protection and a host of other perks and benefits. Be sure to review the terms and conditions for more details on the specifics of this offer.

The Student Card

For college students and parents looking for a way to introduce their students to credit, the Student Card is quite the offer. It’s designed to ease young adults into their financial responsibilities with interactive tracking tools on its website, fraud liability and even a cash back feature. Students earn 1% cash back on all purchases plus an added 25% reward bonus for those who pay their bills on it.

College is historically a great time to work on establishing this solid foundation. With tuition, pizza and book fees, a credit card is a must – but it comes with many responsibilities and this is what the Journey card seeks to instill in young card holders. Set up free text and e-mail alerts that will remind you of wen a payment is due, when your payment’s been processed and even wen you’re nearing your credit limit. Finally, all the benefits of the Visa name are included in this offer, too.

Ink Cash from Chase

For business owners, there are plenty of cash back bonus cards, including the Ink Cash from Chase. This impressive card offer has a $250 cash back bonus after you spend $5,000 on your card and you’ll earn 5% cash back on the first $25,000 you spend each year on office supplies, phone services and even cable services. Your cash back rewards never expire, there’s no annual fee and even a 6 month 0% APR. It’s a solid choice for business owners everywhere.

Clearly, there is a way to get it all in a credit card. These reviews are just a few examples of how credit card companies are working double time for your business. 2012 promises to be a great year for consumers an provided the card companies continue to keep consumer needs in mind, it’s going to be especially beneficial for each of us.

As always, the terms and conditions ensures you understand all of the details that accompany any credit card you’re considering. Those few extra minutes can save you a lot of frustration that choosing the wrong offer always brings.

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