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Chase Credit Card Offers

Chase Credit Card Offers

Chase Bank is well known for its versatility in credit card offers. It’s those options that keep the bank at the top of the list in terms of consumer confidence and loyalty, including offers of several business credit card options, and of course, the traditional consumer credit cards.

This week, we take a look at a few of the popular credit card offers and what the credit giant is doing in terms of rewards this holiday season. With bonus categories, bonus rewards points and multiple free flights, it’s definitely giving the competition something to think about. Take a look –

Ink Classic Business

This business card by Chase offers new customers a bonus 25,000 rewards points on the first $25,000 spent each year on things like office supplies, wireless and landlines and even cable services. These points are redeemable for a number of things such as gift cards (always the perfect gift for employees who’ve had a great year), merchandise and even travel, which is always nice for those who travel for business. These reward points never expire, either. No annual fee and a six month 0% intro APR for both purchases and balance transfers make this a winning solution for businesses of all sizes.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Just in time for the holidays, the Chase Sapphire offers 50,000 bonus rewards points after you spend the first $3,000 in three months. These points add up to an impressive $625 that can be applied towards travel – and with November and December the busiest travel months of the year, it’s ideal for those wanting to visit family in other regions of the country. Plus, there are no foreign transaction fees for those traveling abroad, which, of course, is a nice addition to a well-defined rewards credit card.

Ready to really be impressed? Your points earn points! In fact, you’ll earn 7% in annual point dividends. Your points are transferrable, there’s no annual fee during your first year and you’ll never have to speak to another recorded messaging system again, since Chase prides itself with providing live operators for its card members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – a definite rarity in the world of credit cards.

Chase Freedom Visa

In one of its most popular offers, the Chase Freedom dynamics have several perks and specifics associated with each in this branding. Currently, there’s a bonus $200 cash back promotion that kicks in after you’ve spent $500 in your first three months. Plus, this card also has the popular cash back bonus categories that rotate every three months. It’s a great way to save an additional 5% every three months in categories like grocery, travel and home improvement. A 1% cash back on all your other purchases makes for a well-rounded credit card offer for those with at least good credit. Shop through the Chase website for 10% cash back on many of your purchases. This card too has no annual fee and no concerns about expiring points.

Slate from Chase

Just as popular as the Freedom family, the Slate by Chase MasterCard offers its own unique perks and benefits packages, including a 15 month 0% intro APR for your purchases. The Bluetooth program allows you to pay down your balances much faster while saving big on interest charges. The Slate also allows for balance transfers and the absence of an annual fee puts it at the top of its game. You’re afforded all the safety features associated with both the MasterCard and Chase name, too.

Chase-Southwest Airlines

In what’s one of the most impressive co-branded credit card offers, Chase and Southwest Airlines have really raised the bar in these types of offers. With two free flights after your very first purchase, along with the ability to redeem points for international flights, no change fees and a bonus 3,000 points every year on your anniversary, it’s tough for to beat. An excellent credit rating qualifies you for this offer and the $69 annual fee is viewed by many as a wise investment.

Clearly, Chase has mastered the consumer confidence dynamic. With consistent rankings in both satisfaction and confidence with its customers along with its many offers designed to cover the bases, so to speak, you can be sure Chase will continue to build on its momentum.

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