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Chase Instant Rewards Credit Cards

Chase Instant Rewards Credit Cards

Everyone appreciates instant gratification and if you’re shopping around for a new rewards credit card offer, we have two – each with its own instant reward packages. Both are new offers and are from the Chase family of credit cards. Keep reading for the specifics of each offer.

Chase Freedom Cash Back Visa

While the Chase Freedom credit card isn’t necessarily new, it’s the extra perk of $200 in bonus cash back you earn if you make $500 in purchases during the first ninety days that is new. Also, until September 30, 2011, you’ll earn an impressive 5% cash back, up to $1500, anytime you book airline tickets, gas purchases or hotel charges.

While this specific offer expires, you’ll enjoy a new rotating category of eligible purchases every three months that earn the 5% cash back. Some of those categories include home improvement stores, retailers and various services. For those purchases not eligible in any particular quarter, you still earn 1%, so no matter what you buy, you’re building your cash back – and these rewards never expire. Few credit card offers include so many opportunities to earn cold, hard cash.

If you’re thinking this credit card surely has a host of fees, think again. There is no annual fee associated with your Chase Freedom. Balance transfer fees are currently at 3%, as are cash advance fees. If you’re late making a payment or go over your approved credit limit, you’ll accrue a $39 fee. Still, the interest rates associated with this offer are comparable to other offers where good credit is required. You’ll enjoy a host of other convenient benefits, including $0 liability if your card is used without your authorization, extended warranty for any purchases you make with your Chase Freedom and emergency cash and card replacement.

Chase Southwest Airlines Rewards

This co-branded credit card brings Southwest Airlines and Chase Bank together. Your instant reward comes in the form of two free flights after your first purchase, which is rarely, if ever, heard of. This offer, however is for a limited time. Further, each time your card member anniversary date rolls around, you’ll see 6,000 bonus points applied to your account.

One of the bigger perks with the Chase Southwest card is its ability to eliminate the frustration of flying. For instance, if you change your flight, you won’t be subject to an additional fee. Your bags fly free – always. There are no blackout dates, no expiration dates and you can earn as many reward seats you wish. Another perk that’s been added to this offer includes redemption of your points for international travel and hotels.

There is a $99 annual fee associated with this Visa, though the realization that you’ve already earned enough points for a complimentary flight just by applying for and receiving approval makes it worthwhile. Late fees and over limit fees are both $39.

Chase Security

Both of these credit cards are protected with the Chase network. Your account is always monitored for suspicious activity and every Chase credit card offer includes its zero liability protection. You can enroll in online bill payment, which provides a safe and easy method for paying monthly bills and with Chase Mobile, your balances, transactions and available balance are always easily accessed through your mobile phone.

Further, you can receive account alerts for as many or as few updates as you’d like. From purchase alerts to alerts that let you know your payment has been received and posted, staying on top of your spending habits has never been easier. Finally, the Chase website has one of the most encrypted websites in the world. Transmitting your sensitive information is done with confidence when you know your credit card company is an industry leader.

The two credit card reviews above are both perfect examples of how the credit card industry is looking to meet consumer needs. For those who travel often, the Chase Southwest Airlines Rewards card is an offer that’s worth your consideration and if it’s the cold cash you’re drawn to, be sure to check out the terms and conditions associated with the Chase Freedom offer.

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