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The Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card

Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card

The Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card just might be the first sign that the credit card industry is back in full swing. With bonus points, free hotel rooms and up to three points per dollar spent at any Marriott Hotel, this card has many incentives – and a few we haven’t seen in awhile.

The Details

Issued by Chase, this is perhaps the best credit card for those who appreciate a lovely hotel room and all of the perks quality hotels provide. What makes the Chase Marriott rewards card so unique is that every dollar charged on this card is translated into redeemable points that can be applied towards free nights at Marriott Hotels around the world. Further, there are other easy ways you can earn elite services, airline perks and even deep discounts on merchandise.

Ideally, you’ll need better than average credit and to ensure you maximize this premiere credit card for all its benefits, it’s best incorporated by those who love to travel.

The Rewards

Upon approval, you’ll earn an automatic 22,500 bonus points. Further, once your account has been opened and activated, you receive two free nights. Combine those two free nights with your bonus points, and you instantly have all you need for five free nights at any Marriott Hotel. It gets better, though. For every dollar spent at any Marriott location, you’ll earn three points. For every dollar spent anywhere else, you receive a matching number of points.

Every year, on the anniversary of your account opening, you’ll see a Ten Night Elite Credit Award appear on your credit card statement. This credit can be used for a whopping ten nights used anywhere in the world. Your account must be in good standing on your anniversary.

For every seven night stay you incur at Marriott Hotels, you will be credited an additional 15,000 bonus points. Also, the Chase Marriott credit card is offering a 0% introductory APR to get you started. You can also take advantage of balance transfers from those higher-interest cards. Simply stated, this is one of the best rewards programs available these days.

The Considerations

As with every great credit card offer, there are those factors you should take into consideration before you apply. As mentioned, this is a perfect card for those who travel. While it offers plenty of other not necessarily related to travel, if you don’t anticipate taking advantage of the free hotel stays, you might be better served with a different kind of rewards card. Only you can make that decision.

The first year’s annual fee of $30 is waived; however, you can expect to pay the annual fee after the first year. If you do take advantage of the balance transfer option, you can expect to pay a 3% transfer fee. Your APR for cash advances is 19.24% (though this could vary) and you’ll also pay a 3% cash advance fee.

Pay late and expect a $35.00 late charge to appear on your next statement and if you go over your credit limit, you’ll pay $35.00.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, this credit card was designed for those who like the idea of travel and hotel rewards. There are other universal rewards, of course, but it’s the ease in which you can collect points for hotel stays that many are drawn to.

The website is easy to navigate and you can easily schedule your free nights, take advantage of online bill pay and many other exciting options that some credit cards don’t offer. There are no unrealistic stipulations and the offer is quite straight forward. It’s a comparable to card to the other current credit card offers and the reviews have been exceedingly positive.

Be sure to review all of the Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card Terms and Conditions before you apply, which you can easily do online for an instant approval.

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