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Chase Slate Vertical Card – Introducing

Chase Slate Vertical Card

We are excited to announce that JPMorgan Chase & Co. introducing a new vertical design of Chase Slate credit card. The new card is – Chase Slate℠ Vertical card with Blueprint℠. The official card introduction date is June 1st, 2010. The new vertical card will replace Slate℠ from Chase card for good.

Chase Slate Vertical Card

  • 0% Intro APR for up to 12 Months*
  • No Annual Fee*
  • Pay Down Balances on Your Terms with Blueprint℠
  • Zero Liability on Unauthorized Purchases
  • E-mail and Text Alerts

Chase Blueprint Features

Blueprint℠ introducing unique set of features that lets you manage your finance on your terms. Design your plan and view your progress every statement. Blueprint℠ is easy to use, Blueprint℠ is Free and it’s only from Chase.*

  • Full Pay: Avoid paying interest
    Avoid paying interest on everyday things when you pay them in full each month. Chase will separate them on your statement.

  • Finish It: Pay Down your balance faster.
    Pay down your balance faster. Choose a goal date or month amount. We do the math and set up the plan.

  • Split: Pay of larger purchases
    Pay off larger purchases on your own terms, separated on your statement. Set a goal date or month payment.

  • Track It: See spending trends at a glance
    See your spending trends at a glance and track progress against your goals.

Don’t wait until the card is officially launched (June 1st, 2010) – be sure to get this card with unique vertical design first! Apply for Chase Slate Vertical Card right now!


Apply Now!

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