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Discover Claims Top Spot in ID Fraud Prevention

Discover Claims Top Spot in ID Fraud Prevention

Usually, when we’re looking a new credit card offer, we’re looking for the perks such as low intro rates, cash back bonuses and balance transfer options. Of course, protecting our identities and sensitive information is always a consideration, but many of us believe all the card carriers have only the best checkpoints in place.

While that’s certainly true, there are differing avenues when it comes to resolving identity fraud and for the second year in a row, Discover takes home the top spot for its many tools for prevention and resolving problems when they do occur. Account monitoring for fraudulent activity, paperless statements and other checks and balances come together to protect card holders.

Top 23 Issuers

The Seventh Annual Card Issuer’s Safety Scorecard by Javelin Strategy & Research included evaluations from the 23 biggest credit card issuers. It ranked the best companies for identity fraud resolution, detection and turn around time associated with the first complaint until its resolution. Discover has consistently ranked high in this poll; however, it ranked number one for the first time last year. This year’s win cements its image and reputation for top notch security efforts in consumer’s eyes.

The Features

You can’t take first place without having checks and balances in place. Discover offers credit score monitoring, dedicated fraud specialists, fraud alerts via any number of channels, account monitoring for suspicious activity, paperless statements and of course, the Discover $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee.

In honor of this win for the Discover network, we thought it’d be a good time to take a look at some of Discover’s current credit card offers. You might find the right card that more than meets your needs.

Discover More Card

This Discover credit card offers an 18 month promotional balance transfer with an intro 0% APR. There’s no annual fee and it’s ranked high in customer satisfaction. Plus, card holders will earn cash back bonuses year round and each quarter, a new category opens up that allows you to earn at even higher percentages. Along with no annual fee, there are no rewards redemption fees and no fees for any additional cards you request.

Escape by Discover

This impressive offer is the epitome of a travel rewards credit card. You’ll earn double miles on your purchases and you can easily redeem your rewards for either cash or travel rewards. It’s versatile, offers a low interest rate and for the first six months, you’ll enjoy a 0% APR. There is an annual fee of $60, but this is definitely an offer worth consideration.

Discover Motiva Card

Too often, the Motiva gets pushed aside for some of the more visible Discover cards. That’s unfortunate considering the many benefits these card holders enjoy. Cash back, a low 3.99% APR on both purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, a whopping 20% cashback bonus when you shop online through the Discover website and there’s no annual fee. It’s another 5 star credit card and one that certainly deserves a bit of time in the spotlight.

Discover More Card: Operation Homefront

This More card is a great way to show your patriotism. You can easily give back to those families who have loved ones serving in our military. They sacrifice so much and by using this card, you’re giving back every time you use it. There’s no cost to the card holder, but can make the difference in a young husband’s life who’s homesick for his family.

Discover Student Card

No Discover review would be complete without a look at the Discover cards for students. There are several to choose from. They’re designed to help young adults begin their credit histories with a 0% intro rate, no annual fee and after the 9 month intro expires, these students will still enjoy a lower APR. There are several styles to choose from, including the Discover Student Card in clear. They can be a powerful tool, no doubt.

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