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Discover "It" credit card

Tag words such as fair, generous, flexible and human are being used by the Discover network to describe its brand new credit card, It. Make no mistake, It is offering consumers powerful new ways to rein in their spending, enjoy incredible perks and benefits and most importantly, It is all about consumer satisfaction. After all, Discover has easily held on to its number one spot of “Best Customer Service’ for sixteen years. This credit card offer all but guarantees it maintains its top spot and rest assured, its benefits are unheard of in the credit card industry.

This new credit card, released just today, takes us back to a simpler time when contracts were easy to understand, the terms and conditions weren’t landmines, waiting for an unsuspecting consumer to trip up and flexibility that’s just not always found in today’s contemporary financial offerings. Not only that, but from an aesthetic approach, it’s a sleek and simply designed card. It’s contemporary and not “busy” with too many bold colors and artwork. Keep reading as we explore this new Discover credit card offer.


First up, you should know it’s most certainly giving some of the biggest names in the credit card industry more than a few sleepless nights. It’s already ranked higher than other comparative cards from Chase, Bank One and Citi. Also, the Discover It for Students offers far more than any of the other student credit cards, as well – and it has all of the same perks.


There is no annual fee. Not now, not ever. Card holders can speak to an American based customer service team around the clock, at no cost – and this is something no other credit card company offers. While many credit card companies tout their excellent customer care efforts, few can offer perks like these:

  • No late fee for your first late payment
  • Paying late won’t increase your APR
  • No over limit fees
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • The ability to pay your bill until midnight eastern time the day it’s due online or via phone
  • The ability to choose your due date

Plus, you can use your Amazon rewards points to pay for millions of items and you’ll receive complimentary expedited delivery of your new credit card as well. It’s the Discover network, so you know you’ll earn 5% cash back in categories that change each quarter – and that’s offered to all cardmembers. The 1% unlimited cash back applies to all other purchases – and you should know, this is true cash back and not rewards points.

Like None Other

Here’s where Discover It really leaves the competition in the dust. if you lose your job, contact the card company and you might find yourself with a lower rate and a lower payment. Plus, the card company says it will also provide “any other help after job loss”. If it seems like banks are making more of an effort to focus on their customers at least as much as they are their bottom lines, this credit card offer should speak volumes to that notion.

Enjoy an intro 0% APR rate on both your purchases and balance transfers for a full fourteen months. The standard APR then kicks in somewhere between 10.99% and 19.99%. And speaking of your balance transfers, a flat 3% fee applies, making it easy to balance your budget.

Bonus Cash Back

You’ll enjoy 5% cash back categories that rotate four times a year. Each quarterly incentive is capped on category purchases and it’s required that you sign up each quarter. If you surpass the cap in any given quarter, you’ll still earn 1% cash back on your purchases, so you’re always earning.

January – March – You’ll earn 5% cash back at restaurants and movie theaters. Earn 5% up to $1,500 in purchases made in these categories.

April – June – It’s all about spring fever. Check with the Discover site for more information on what these categories will include. We checked the site and found “Additional program details including limitations on the amount you could earn coming February 1st, 2013.”

July – September – Get your summer heat on with the Discover categories. We checked the site and found “Additional program details including limitations on the amount you could earn coming May 1st, 2013.”

October – December – Think holidays, family and travel. These categories will mirror those traditional purchases. We checked the site and found “Additional program details including limitations on the amount you could earn coming August 1st, 2013.”

Note: There’s also a Discover calendar that’s updated on the Discover website.


We really like the efforts some card companies are making to not only remain compliant with all of the latest laws and compliance regulations, but the degree of transparency some are exhibiting. During our research efforts in preparing this review, we saw this statement, in bold, on the Discover website:

For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at

Discover It for Students

Yes, there’s even a student credit card in this latest offer from Discover. It offers many of the same perks and benefits as its sister card, but the interest rates vary and are based on, of course, the applicant’s creditworthiness. Keep in mind, however, there are new laws that limit what young people can and cannot legally apply for, so if you have a student preparing for college, keep in mind, he will most likely need a co-signer or proof that he has the ability to repay the debt.

That said, the fact that there’s a bit of room for error, this could be a remarkable credit card offer for those who are just learning how to manage their finances in an adult world. The It for Students has no annual fee, no late fee for the first late payment, if applicable, and a late payment won’t increase the student’s APR. There are no over limit fees or foreign transaction fees – just like its counterpart. Your student will also enjoy the 5% cash back categories each quarter, too. And, finally, like its counterpart, all purchases will earn 1% cash back (if they’re not included in the 5% cash back category) and an expedited delivery of the new card is part of the service as well.

As we mentioned, this credit card is being unveiled today, so aside from the early targeted efforts to get consumers’ first impressions, there aren’t any significant reviews yet. What we do know is this has been a heavily anticipated credit card release. Those in the industry have heard whispers back and forth, but frankly, some of the benefits everyone was hearing about seemed unrealistic, yet here it is. Of course, time will tell if some of the other big credit card companies follow suit, but one thing’s for sure: this is definitely the card that’s raised the bar and is the one to beat as far as the competition is concerned.

If you opt to apply for it, let us know your thoughts after you’ve received it. How does it compare with the other credit cards you carry? Is this going to become the one you reach for most often? Share your story with our readers.

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