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Discover the Discover Black Card

Discover Black Card

Discover Bank is the leading credit card issuer. The customer that will benefit the most from a Discover More Black credit card will be the customer who spends a set minimum amount per year in order to earn the cash rebate, plans to use his/her Cash Back Bonus award at participating retailers, and plans to pay in full the monthly balance after the introductory period. You need to know that the highest rebate offered will not apply to all purchases made using the Discover More Card.

The Discover Black Card

The Discover More Black credit card offers a cash back bonus when you use your card at participating department stores, home improvement stores, and other retailers. The reward system is simple and easy because there is only one. You automatically get the reward every time you use your card. The only requirement that the Discover Black card has is that a customer maintains good credit standing. In order to redeem your reward, you first have to acquire a minimum amount first in cash back bonus. There are other bonuses associated with the Discover Black card which are:

  • Round the clock customer service hotline
  • Reminder emails to help you avoid costly fees
  • A considerable fraud liability for the duration of your membership
  • A secure online account management programs
  • Advanced fraud early warning alerts
  • Significantly high travel insurance
  • Auto rental insurance
  • Various fraud and security protection services
  • You get to choose your own personalized card design
  • Various internet account related services
  • If your baggage is delayed you are paid money for three days
  • Trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  • Access to over 500 airport lounges in 90 countries

The Discover More Black card membership comes with an additional service that lets account holders to earn a higher cash back amount. At the card’s exclusive shopping site, members can save big when they buy from select merchants. Some of those merchants are GNC, Bloomingdales, Shop and more. Purchasing at other stores can earn you cash back. These cash awards never expire as long as the account is active within a thirty-six month period. You do not have a limit on the amount of rebates you can earn in an year. You can earn up to a double cash back bonus when you redeem your rebates for gift certificates from participating Discover Card partners.

The Discover Black credit card can pay off big time if you are using your credit card for everyday shopping. When you use your Discover More Black credit card, you have no setup fee, no annual fee, and considerably low late fee charges.

The Discover More Black Card is a shiny black credit card with a silver hologram lettering of the word “Discover.” If you really closely, you can see the horizon over the ocean, waves, and clouds in the sky in the hologram. With the Discover Black card, you can transfer your balance over from other cards to this one in order to save on high interest charges.

When you first apply for a Discover More Black Card, you are offered an introductory package. For the first nine months, you have a low APR on purchases. For twelve months, you have the same low APR on bank transfers. This particular credit card is for responsible customers who want to earn cash back money with a generous awards program.

Customers can redeem their reward points for the following:

  • Redeem points for airfares with no blackout dates or restrictions.
  • Hotel stays at a wide number of participating hotels
  • Car Rentals at Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise etc.


If you want a new credit card with a reasonable annual fee and great rewards, the Discover More Black credit card is the one you should apply for. Just remember that you have to have excellent credit, and only a small amount of all people that apply will be approved. When you are approved you get the facility of interest free credit for a year’s period as part of their introductory program.

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