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Discover the Discover Mix Tape Student Card

Discover Mix Tape Student Card

The winner of the Discover Mix Tape Student Card design contest was selected out of over 6700 entries and took home the $1000 prize. The winner was chosen out of 250,000 votes as tallied on the associated Facebook page. This resulted in a boost of Discover’s online presence by 25%, increasing their fan base and customer base in the process. While the top submission received the grand prize, other entrants won cash prizes ranging from $50 to $100. This is perhaps one of the most successful online contests of its kind managing to effectively market a financial product to college students after the new credit card regulation that prohibits credit card solicitation near college campuses.

Smart Packaging

Allowing card holders to design the new card was a bold and brilliant move in the right direction towards regaining their grip on the 21-35, young adult demographic. The Discover Mix Tape Student Card created online awareness about a fun new product aimed specifically at the needs, wants, and desires of the average college student. First of all, connecting with fans through the internet makes a statement about their social awareness. This creates an image of a hip credit card company in the eyes of consumers who care about that sort of thing. Of course, the fact that it is available without an annual fee, which is pretty standard for Discover, is highly attractive as well.

Furthermore, the online campaign is fully supported by a user-friendly website that allows busy students to access their card information 24/7. Whether on your mobile device in the library or on a city bus or on your way to your next class, you have the ability to monitor your credit card, check statements, and manage transfers.

Smart Spending

The Discover Mix Tape Student Credit Card is designed not only to provide convenience to students but also to help them establish a solid credit history. Along with the aforementioned lack of an annual fee, there is also no interest for six months on all new purchases. This means that you can pay for new books next quarter and pay them off by the end of the term. You no longer have to hope and pray and stress over whether or not you will be able to find a cheaper used version somewhere. Perhaps you need to pay for lab fees or other school-related expenses too. This is the perfect tool for getting those necessities out of the way so you can focus on your studies. If you have fair credit, or perhaps even no credit history, this should be a card that is easy for you to obtain.

While you might think that the best cards always have the lowest interest rates, it is simply not true. After the introductory period ends, this card will revert to a moderately fair annual percentage rate. Although this may seem disappointing to some, it is a decent rate that aids in further training a new credit card holder to make wise decisions about their spending. Of course, since this rate is not nearly as high as that of other cards, you will not end up penalizing yourself just in case you feel like splurging. Indeed it may just help to create that delicate balance that is required for maintaining a healthy budget.

Smart Benefits

The Discover Mix Tape Student Card is not only appropriate for bustling college students because of its affordability and features. It also has a $0 fraud liability protection plan, which means you will never have to worry about any activity on your card if it is lost or stolen. Just report it in a timely fashion and get a new card.

As with most cards, you have the ability to get cash advances, which can come in handy in an emergency. Be careful not to overuse this, though, as the interest on these purchases tend to be much higher. On the other hand, students can take advantage of a handful of excellent purchase incentives. For instance, as always, you can get a cash back bonus on every standard purchase. You can also get up to five times more cash back than other cards offer when you buy things like gas, groceries, and food; you know, all of the necessities. Capitalizing even more on the online market, you can get up 20 times the cash back bonus on purchases made on your Discover card with any of their exclusive online affiliate partners.

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