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A Few Patriotic Credit Cards

Few Patriotic Credit Cards

Most of us are feeling quite patriotic these days. So, in honor of these “feel good” days when we’re all so proud of being an American, we thought we’d put together a few patriotic cards to keep the feel good emotions going.

Each of these credit card offers have their own unique features and benefits, so you’re sure to find a great card with a great rate and with all the features you appreciate in a credit card offer. Take a look –

Discover More Card – American Flag

We love this Discover credit card not only for the stylish American flag, but because of the impressive perks you’ll find as a card holder. First up, the 0% intro APR is sure to catch your attention – and even better – it’s applicable for 18 months. This covers all balance transfers.

Then, your purchases for the first six months are with the 0% intro APR, after which your credit score will determine your interest rate. You’ll also earn 5% in cash back bonuses on travel, restaurants and much more. For those categories not within that 5% designation, you will still receive up to 1% cash back on those purchases.

You can easily apply online for an instant decision, though your credit should be excellent if you’re considering the Discover More Card. Other perks you can expect include travel and auto rental insurance, fraud specialists available anytime, day or night and zero fraud liability. Be sure to review the terms and conditions, of course.

The U.S. Patriot Card

There’s a lot to love with this consumer shopping card. Every dime you spend, a portion goes to our returning American troops. Every U.S. Patriot Card that’s issued, a matching VA card is issued for the men and women who are returning home after serving their country. That’s an incredible way to show your patriotism.

You’re rewarded with thousands of dollars in savings on everyday items like prescription drugs, Apple products – including computers and iPods, Dell computers, hotels, cruises and even theme parks. There’s no annual fee, which is always a good thing.

Along with saving major bucks from participating merchants, you’ll also enjoy AD&D insurance coverage along with AIG Travel Assist Global Travel Protection.

While there’s no annual fee, you will incur a $19.95 membership fee along with a $1.95 application fee.

The Pink ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card

We chose to include this card because of the charitable works behind the product. This is an impressive prepaid credit card with a portion of every purchase you make going to breast cancer awareness and detection. While some of the greatest strides have been made in the United States in the battle against this killer disease, we’re happy to know Visa is play such a significant role in the efforts of researchers around the world.

The Pink ACE Elite Visa card has many benefits, including no credit checks, no application fees, no APR and no annual fees. It’s designed to help cardholders manage their money with no surprises. It’s a perfect solution for students and those looking to rein in their spending.

Among those benefits previously mentioned, card holders also enjoy free direct deposits, free alerts via email and/or text messaging and unlimited purchase transactions. One of the biggest bonuses this Visa offers is the free savings account that earns up to 5% APY. Further, card holders will will enjoy the peace of mind the Visa symbol provides. In fact, this prepaid Visa has enjoyed a 5 star rating since its introduction. With universal acceptance, FDIC backing, all access bill pay options and easy online account management, you’ll quickly come to see why this is a winning financial solution.

Now that you’re feeling patriotic, visit the links and see which of these card offers best serve your financial needs. You’ll feel a sense of pride every time you use your patriotic themed new credit card. As always, we encourage you to carefully review any offers and don’t underestimate the fine print – it’s where the fees and other important details are included.

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