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Financial Education Resources for Women

Financial Education Resources for Women

While it’s not too often a family is basing its financial well-being on those models of the past, there are still a surprising number of women who solely rely on their husbands to handle all of the money matters and financial decisions in the marriage.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, of course, but in our contemporary society, there is the belief that women have an obligation to at least understand her husband’s financial goals, not to mention the passwords to the online banking site. Knowing how much money is in the retirement account, how much of the monthly income is going to savings, utilities and credit card debt are also important factors.

There are many financial resource websites and blogs that are marketed to women. These sites are generally owned and ran by women, so there’s a sense of sisterhood and understanding into the woman’s mindset. And if you think men and women are similar when it comes to financial decisions, think again. All you have to do is ask yourself if your family received a $5,000 unexpected windfall, how would you spend it versus to what your husband would do.

Maybe it’s a shopping spree for you while your husband’s thinking it’s a great addition to the retirement account. Then again, you might think $5,000 would wipe out a large portion of your credit card debt, which would benefit your bottom line with fewer payments and less interest. Your husband, however, might be thinking it’s time for that new boat. See where we’re going with that thought?

We’ve scoured many of the financial education and resource sites developed just for women and chose two of what we believe are the better ones.

We love this website for many reasons. First, it’s organized beautifully. A bar across the top provides visitors links to very specific areas such as “Divorce and Widowhood”, “Taxes”, “Budgets and Planning” and several more. Some of the articles include “A Man is not a Financial Plan” (how clever is that?) and “Holiday Money Tips”. It is an all-inclusive site that’s targeted for women, regardless of whether they’re neck deep in their careers or are raising their families.

Single women, divorced women, a single woman in her 20s or a woman in her 70s who’s facing financial dilemmas for the first time in her life – they’re all represented well on this site. You can sign up for their newsletter, follow them on all the social networking sites and even order any number of their financial freedom series.


Wi$eUp is billed as a financial education program that focuses on and is designed for Generation X and Y Women. It has government backing as it was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau in support of the Department of Labor’s Strengthening the Family Initiative. This is a great tool for women as it offers many educational opportunities – many online and others in traditional classroom settings throughout seven regions, known as Women’s Bureau Regions.

You might be surprised, too, that the Women’s Bureau is the only federal program

with a mandate to formulate standards and policies to promote the welfare of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment.

It’s headquartered in the DC area and is the oldest agency, founded in 1920, associated with the Department of Labor. Who knew, right?

This site offers so much for women looking to empower themselves when it comes to their finances. There are many courses that you can take – with no cost attached at all. They’re there for the taking. We like this site because it’s the perfect tool women can use in their efforts of educating their daughters and ensuring they have a strong financial foundation once they enter the economic structures.

Some of its resources include “Credit in a Money World” “Savings Basics”, “Money Basics” and even a great section on the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. Even better is the board is represented by an impressive group of financial experts. They each volunteer their time so that they too can make a difference when it comes to women’s financial needs.

All 8 components are free, though you do need to sign up (simply to get a user name and password). There’s a quick tour and like the site, the actual website is easy to maneuver and has none of those pesky memory-gobbling plug ins that kick in when you hit the site. Finally, there are bimonthly one hour teleconferences for women to link into. These conferences are recorded and you can download as many as you like as MP3 files. Be sure to visit the Q&A section, too.

The bottom line is there are endless resources online that are targeted to women and their financial future. It really does come down to personal preference, however, those sites with government backing or other well known financial entities are probably better in terms of your peace of mind in knowing you’re getting actual facts.

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