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Fly High with Co-Branded Credit Card Offers

Fly High with Co-Branded Credit Card Offers

If it looks as though more airlines and credit card companies are teaming up these days, you’re right – they are. For those who travel for business and/or pleasure, these team efforts offer big incentives, if of course, you’re taking advantage of them. Here are a few of the reviews to help you navigate through the latest influx of co-branded credit cards targeted at those frequent flyers.

Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Card

This co-branded MasterCard has several unexpected perks. For instance, the $95 annual fee can easily be canceled out by earning up to 40,000 bonus miles your first year. Card holders will enjoy priority boarding privileges on both Continental and United flights. Frustrated by the ever-growing baggage fees? Your first bag is checked at no cost when you board either of these two airlines.

This can easily save you $50 per flight. Plus, you’ll earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend on purchasing your airline tickets, too. All other purchases earn a point per dollar spent. You’ll need excellent credit to qualify for approval, though the APR is impressive. No worries about your points expiring before you can use them, either. There are no limits in terms of how many you can earn and they never expire. Finally, you’ll enjoy two annual travel discount certificates, making visiting family and friends that much more affordable.

Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier

This latest co-branded card offer is turning heads. Your first purchase with this Visa earns you two free flights. There are many other ways to earn your points, too. For instance, enjoy an anniversary gift of 6,000 points every year, which equates to around a $100 cash equivalency that you’d use to purchase an airline ticket. Unlimited free flights are earned, too since every dollar spent garners 2 points on Southwest Airline purchases and a point per dollar spent on everything else you use your Southwest Visa on.

There are no blackout dates, your baggage flies free and you can earn unlimited rewards seats. Further, your points never expire and if you’re a bit fickle, you don’t have to worry about change fees should you change the details of your flight. Issued by Chase, this Visa does have a $99 annual fee and like the Continental OnePass Plus card, an excellent credit score is the way to approval for this offer.

United Mileage Explorer Visa

The United Mileage Explorer Visa is the sister to the Continental Airlines OnePass. The differences, of course, is that one is issued by Visa and is co-branded with United Airlines, while Continental and MasterCard team up on the latter. You’ll enjoy the same perks, including 40,000 bonus points for your first year, again, this eliminates the $95 annual fee in your first year. Also, Chase offers what it calls “once in a lifetime events” for its cardholders and as such, you’ll have exclusive access.

This miles rewards card is made for those who really take advantage of airline travel and you don’t have to worry about those miles expiring, either nor are there limits on how many miles you can earn. There are no pre-set spending limits and the Visa Zero Liability program protects you from fraudulent charges. Maintain your account online and a year-end summary statement is available at your request, making it a great tool come tax season.

Gold Delta SkyMiles American Express

The Gold Delta/AMEX card isn’t as new as some of the other offers, but it’s certainly stood the test of time and consistently emerges as one of the great deals available for those who love to travel. Your first purchase automatically earns you 20,000 bonus miles. Adding two more cardholders means yet another 5,000 bonus miles.

Your first year’s annual fee of $95 is waived and your first bag is always checked for free when you fly Delta. Not only that, but it’s applicable for up to nine people on your reservation. Another selling point this American Express offers is its program is compatible with many other frequent flyer programs you’re enrolled in. The Offer Zone is part of this offer and can save you money when you shop at participating retailers and a year end financial statement keeps your accountant happy.

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