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Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards: Value to Your Business

Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards

How about a credit card that adds value to your business? One that gives you, the business owner, tools that can enhance your business performance, curtail your business expenses, and add rewards to every dollar spent on business purchases. Such a business charge card does exist and is widely utilized by business owners across the country.

The Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards Card makes perfect business sense when you consider the sheer amount of benefits one can get out of it. Unlimited rewards to earn, multiple card management, setting spending limits on multiple cards real time, direct line access to a team of Ink Bold advisors, adding value through access to concierge services … the list goes on and on.

As a business owner, this card delivers value through the Ultimate Rewards program, through business tools that enhance your cash flow, through ease of access to your account online and via phone and perhaps, the best value through flexible spending that adjusts to your business requirements.

Smart Business Tools

No matter where you go, you can access your Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards Business credit card account easily. Just log in online or make a phone call and get all the information you need. The direct line to Ink Bold advisors ensures that there are no irritating automated systems for you to go through wasting precious time. Just call and speak to an advisor directly about your account.

So what happens when you have to travel and business expenses need to be taken care of? Simply give additional cards to your key employees at no extra cost. Not only do you earn reward points on all purchases made on these cards but you can also set spending limits on each card in real time. This is where flexibility in spending can make a big impact on your everyday cash flow.

With itemized billing, it is easier for you and your accountant to identify potential tax deductions in the monthly and quarterly statements. Tax times are much less painful, thanks to your Ink Bold card with Ultimate Rewards.

The Key to Your Satisfaction

The Ultimate Rewards program allows every dollar spent on business purchases to be rewarded with points and all points can be redeemed in a variety of ways that make a whole lot of business sense.

Consider that all reward points accumulated can be transferred to any leading frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs. These points can also be redeemed for airline tickets – to any destination, in any class with no blackout dates. You get additional points if you book your trip through the Ultimate Rewards Travel tool provided. The Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards card allows you to accumulate unlimited rewards, with no expiry date on points earned. The reward points can also be redeemed for gift cards, merchant cards or cash back which can then be used as incentives for employees or gifts for your clients or vendors.

Even more Business Benefits

The Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards Business Card goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing you with dividends. One of the biggest value provided is the ID Theft and Resolution – which provides you with a specified coverage amount in case your card is lost or stolen. The card also allows you to receive alerts of any suspicious activity on your account 24/7. The custom report generation feature ensures that you can keep track of employee spending on multiple cards. Plus you also get access to the Ink Bold Visa Signature Concierge to help with any dining reservations, travel arrangements and more.

Entrepreneurship has its rewards. The Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards card not only enhances your business, but also adds value to your business expenses!

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