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Has LifeLock Matched Up to Its Expectations?

LifeLock ID Protection

Is it really worth it?

LifeLock is known to be one of the only online companies that offer an affordable monthly premium in the current market. You may be able to find a few ID protection companies that are slightly less expensive; however, they will not be offering anywhere near the services that Life Lock has to offer. One of the great benefits of LifeLock is that it has a monthly billing system that deducts premiums automatically. This in effect saves you the hassle of having to keep up with monthly payments.

A closer look at the services offered

It would not be fair to say that we have listed all the services that LifeLock has to offer as there would be too many to state. Below we have highlighted the most important services that distinguish LifeLock from its other numerous competitors:

  • They are known to provide fraud alerts free of cost through numerous means. These include text messages, phone calls and emails.
  • They track down any credit companies that have stored your name of their pre-approved list and remove it. This also applies to organizations that have your name on their junk mailing lists.
  • Credit reports are sent to you automatically on a regular basis.
  • Immediate cancellation of any accounts that have been involved in a lost or stolen situation.
  • Regular monitoring of any one using your name as an identity for illegal trading.
  • Any changes in your personal details that are made on any site that stores your information is reported immediately.
  • Insurance cover of up to $1,000,000.

These were some of the main features and functions that LifeLock has to offer which differentiates it from other organizations offering a similar service.

LifeLock’s “Wallet” protection

Losing your wallet or having it stolen is quite common occurrence in today’s world. With crime rates being at their highest ever, it is important that you have some form of “wallet” protection. As mentioned above, LifeLock is known to offer such a service. In the case where you have found yourself having lost your wallet, all you will have to do is call LifeLock. Since customer service at LifeLock is available 24/7, one can call them anytime from anywhere. LifeLock have a specialist team in place to deal with such specific situations. What they will do is contact each and every bank that you are associated with and get your bank cards cancelled. They also go an extra mile by doing all the paper work to get a renewal credit card issued. However, there might be cases where you would have to provide a new photograph of yourself, in which case you would have to do that yourself. Other than that, all the other hassle of paper works and calling up each organization to which you are linked is taken care by LifeLock. All of these services are included in their monthly fee.

Removal from pre-approved list

One of the main causes of identity fraud in the first place has to do with your name being “leaked” out to the wrong organizations. In the current market, there are a number of credit companies that have a pre-approved list. This list contains the name of those individuals that do not have to under go any inspection or checks to get their credit increased. This is seen as one of the major causes of identity fraud. Life Lock ensures that any company that has your name on such a list is removed immediately.

No more junk mails

This is also a similar situation for a junk mailing list. There are many online websites and offline companies that are able to obtain your personal details through social community websites. They use this to send out junk emails from time to time. This is another threat toward identity fraud and LifeLock will also ensure that your name is removed from these lists

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