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A Look at Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

With so many changes going on in the credit and financial sector these days, we thought it’d be a great time to take a look at the many options small businesses have when seeking a credit card. The fees, terms and conditions and other factors play such a big role in what a business owner ultimately looks for. So, here, we have it all spelled out.

Ink Cash Business Card

We like this card for a number of reasons, but mostly, it’s the versatility that’s offered that serves as the big draw for many business owners. The rewards are plentiful, too. You earn an impressive 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent annually on office supplies, communications services and even cable services. This means those pens, envelopes, cell phone plans and internet services you pay each month can also earn some impressive cash back at the end of the year. Plus, the first $25,000 spent on dining and fuel can earn 2% cash back. Suddenly, those business lunches aren’t such a frustration. Other purchases earn 1% cash back. There’s a 0% APR the first six months and with no annual fee, this might serve as the ideal credit card solution for your specific business needs.

American Express New Business Gold Rewards OPEN

For a limited time, this new credit card offer for business owners earns members 50,000 membership rewards bonus points after $10,000 is spent and provided it’s done within the first five months of your membership. For those businesses that require travel, you can earn three times the points on airfare and twice the points for advertising, shopping for office needs and even fuel. With more than 500 brands (and growing) that are part of the OPEN network, this is another ideal solution for many business owners. Plus, the $50 annual fee is waived the first year, additional gold cards are unlimited when you add one more membership fee (in other words, you can have as many additional cards for the price of just one membership fee).

Applied Business Card

With the tough economic times in recent years, many small businesses have been hit particularly hard, including their credit ratings. The Applied Business card is issued by Visa, has no annual fee, a six month 0% APR intro rate and an APR of 19.99% after that. The best part of this offer is that the credit requirements have been relaxed considerably. Qualifying is much easier than with other business credit cards. Your credit limit will generally range between $350 and $1,000, which makes it a great choice for everyday use. It can also help your business re-establish a stronger credit history, too.

AMEX OPEN SimplyCash Business Card

Finally, we take a look at another popular American Express offer. The SimplyCash business card earns card holders 5% cash back on office supplies and wireless services, 3% cash back on fuel and 1% cash back on all other purchases. There are no limits to how much you can earn and the best part is it’s credited each month to your AMEX statement. There’s no annual fee and an intro 0% APR for up to twelve months. It’s simple, no-frills and easy to understand guidelines. The absence of your having to do anything to claim your cash back earnings makes it a sweet deal for many busy small business owners.

The fact is, there’s no shortage of business credit cards ideal for businesses of any size. The goal, of course, is to find the one that will transition seamlessly into your own unique business model. The only sure way of doing so is by carefully reviewing all the offers, the various terms and conditions and ensure any particular card will meet your needs. Anything less than that can never be a true asset. The rewards are only as good as how often they’re used.

Cash back is always a sure thing, though for many, the miles rewards allow for small business owners to travel easily in their efforts of growing their companies. The extra time you commit to doing the “leg work” the better your business is for it. Also, don’t forget to differentiate between the traditional credit card and those with charge card dynamics, as many businesses prefer to carry balances over the course of a few months versus paying it it in full each month. Knowing the difference can save a lot of trouble when that monthly statement arrives.

Don’t forget to check the PEX Visa Prepaid Card For Business, too.

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