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Looking Ahead: The Best Credit Cards for 2012

Credit Cards for 2012

As we prepare for the new year, many consumers are focusing on strengthening their financial situations and for some of those consumers, it might include finding better credit card offers that are more in line with their objectives.

Whether it’s a lower interest rate, better rewards or even better customer service, there’s no denying the competition is heating up. So before the new year officially arrives, take a look at a few of the card offers we’re sure will be some of the best in recent years.

Visa Black

When a credit card offer makes its way to the pages of the New York Post and even Forbes magazine, you know there’s something really noteworthy. If your credit’s strong enough and if it’s a generous rewards program you’re looking for, the Visa Black is one of those offers. With its own 15 month 0% APR for purchases (balance transfers are not applicable at this time), this high credit limit card brings with it the best of all rewards and perks.

You’ll enjoy travel lounge priority pass access, available in more than 600 airports worldwide, and you always travel with no worries of blackouts or other restrictions. There’s even a cash-back feature. You’ll also enjoy all of the safety mechanisms that define the Visa network, including zero fraud liability, online account management and paperless statements (if you wish).

Other benefits include 24 hour customer service, global travel insurance, auto rental insurance and reimbursements for flight delays, including up to a $300 reimbursement if your flight is delayed 12 hours or more. This offsets expenses associated with having to book a hotel due to a canceled flight as well as meals and other incidentals. Of course, these are just a few of the many benefits. You can learn more by carefully reviewing the offer, as well as the terms and conditions associated with the offer.

Keep in mind, however, there exists a $495 annual fee: a tough pill to swallow for some, but if there was ever a card worth the fee, this is it.

Discover Student Open Road

This Discover offer was designed with today’s contemporary family in mind. It’s a low APR credit card that has no annual fee, though no shortage of benefits. It’s a win-win for both parents and students. The absence of so many fees along with the cash back rewards program makes it a strong financial consideration. Not only are you kicking your new year off properly, but you’re also building the foundation for strong financial decisions for your young adults. You’ll appreciate the zero fraud liability that Discover is so well known for. No expiration dates for rewards points and balance transfer is allowed with this credit card.

We’ve even included an offer for business owners:

Chase Ink Plus with Ultimate Rewards

Ideal for those business purchases that seem to be always unexpected, this low interest credit card offer for small and mid size businesses offers a $100 bonus cash back promo. You can also earn up to 35,000 bonus points during the first year. Travel for business? You’ll have access to premium travel benefits, including complimentary access to airport lounges. Your rewards points never expire and there are no limitations on how many you can earn. Also, be sure and check out the other Chase Ink business offers. There’s sure to be a Chase offer that was made to accommodate your business needs.

There’s an annual fee of $60 associated with the Ink Plus, though your first year is waived. The 0% intro APR is good for six months.

No one can predict the future, but if the breaking news of recent weeks is indicative of what we can expect, then there’s sure to be the ideal credit card offer for everyone’s unique needs. With more card networks looking to help consumers in their financial lives, whether they’re rebuilding or simply strengthening their finances, look for those offers that save you in finance charges and then reward your on time payments. Finally, be sure to make it a new year’s resolution to carefully review all the terms and conditions as you’re making any financial decisions in 2012 – it can ensure a great year for you, your family and your business.

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