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Mac Money 4 Review

Money 4 by Jumsoft

Made by Jumsoft, the latest release of the Money 4 accounting and budgeting software is receiving great reviews. It’s one of the more popular applications and for good reason. It’s easy to use, whether you have one credit card or ten credit cards and a multitude of bank accounts and bills you pay each month.

The interface is clean and with a crisp presentation, there lacks an intimidation factor found in many of today’s accounting programs. While it was a big hit in its initial introduction, each new revision brought something new to the table while improving on existing options. The Money 4 release certainly did not disappoint. Here, we take a look at the software and its many offerings.

The Impressive Offering

As mentioned above, it’s the interface that you’re likely to notice first. Unlike other software offerings, especially when it comes to financial software, there’s a lot of common sense built into Money 4. The developers look at it as an electronic wallet and actually, that’s a great analogy.

You can see, at a glance, in the “Overview” your bank balance, your credit card balances, investments, other assets and you can even watch your net worth grow (or shrink). This is really a great feature because the moment you transfer money, whether it’s a payment on your credit card or movement to your savings account, you see it as it happens. Want to pay your mortgage? You can see that payment hit your balance immediately.

Another great feature is the scheduler. It works with your budget (which really should be the first thing you do with Money 4) and you can set up reminders for one time payments or recurring payments. You can even set up autopay, so you never have to worry about ensuring your utilities are paid or worry about those pesky late fees on your credit cards. Your alerts are there for a reason and when you use them, it’s like having a surefire way to protect your money and investments.

Here’s something many software apps don’t have or haven’t perfected: advanced reports. You can separate how much of your money this year went to principle and how much was applied to interest payments on your mortgage, car payments or credit cards. Not only that, but you also have the ability to print or view your net worth, the taxes withheld from your paycheck and even how much you’re looking to pay (or receive) from Uncle Sam this year. It’s really a valuable feature.

Mom and Dad

Ah – the parent factor. It’s built in when it comes to teens and money. Many of us are setting up prepaid credit cards for our teens so that we can teach them important money lessons. Money 4 brings it to a new level. Instantly move money from your bank account to your teen’s secured credit card and because of the many sorting functions, you can also show your teen not only where they’re spending your money, but if you moved it from, say, a savings account, you can even show them how much interest you’re no longer earning on that $100 they used for pizza and gas. There’s simply no way to present a visual tool for money management and while it’s interest you’re no longer earning, you can be sure they’ll have that in the back of their mind when it comes to their own money.

Become a Rock Star Stockbroker

If you like trading stocks and the fast action of the stock market, this is definitely going to keep your adrenaline going. Think of it as a window into every transaction made on Wall Street.

The Downside

Frankly, there simply weren’t many downsides. Of course, if you’re a Windows user, you miss out of this impressive package; it’s made for Apple products. Also, while the price may seem to be a bit of turn off for some folks, the truth is, for less than $40, you’re getting an accounting powerhouse and for those of us who are focused on reining in our spending, it’s a wise investment.

So there you have it. If you want to learn more about this application, visit Jumsoft Money 4 page and if you purchase before July 31, you’ll save on the $40 – right now it’s being offered at a special price of just $18.99. Where else are you going to spend a few dollars for such a powerful financial management tool?

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