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New Credit Card Offers for Low Credit Scores

Credit Cards for Low Credit Scores

New year, new focus on building credit scores, right? If so, we have a few great credit card offers that are certainly worth your consideration. With so many going into the new year with financial struggles, the timing is perfect for credit card companies to change their targets and begin meeting the needs of the consumers whose requirements have changed.

The Cerulean Card, the Horizon Gold Credit Card and the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard. These cards offer approval for those with less than stellar credit and as you’ll see, the Cerulean card is available for consumers with poor or no credit, too. Take a look at these new additions –

The Cerulean Card

As we mentioned, the Cerulean card is available to consumers with good credit, poor credit, or no credit. Consumers can use it anywhere the Mastercard is accepted and there are many benefits associated with this card offer.

This is the kind of credit card that’s designed to provide a solution for those who might have financial difficulties in the past and with the recent recession and tough recovery, there are many Americans who found themselves in financial hardships with no shortage of setbacks. Ideally, applicants should have at least a 550 FICO score; however, that’s not set in stone necessarily. Determination is based on a number of considerations which ensures the card network can give approval when others cannot. Note, however, that if your scores don’t meet the minimum threshold, you may be offered a secured card for the short term and you can easily transition into the full credit card once your scores have improved.

First up, applicants should know this is a traditional unsecured credit card. You won’t be asked to make any kind of deposit to secure your account and it’s a fine way to rebuild credit as it reports to all three of the major credit bureaus. You’ll enjoy low minimum payments, though we always encourage consumers to pay their balances in full each month or at least pay more than the minimum due. You’ll also enjoy online account management tools, which can make it significantly easier for cardholders to stay on top of their finances. You can take advantage of the instant access to your current balance, your most recent statements and your available credit.

There are a few other considerations. Your annual fee and your interest rates will fluctuate based on your latest financial situation. There is a monthly fee with this card offer and if you miss a payment or are late making it, you can expect a hefty fee. Be sure to review the terms and conditions, of course, so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard

We like this credit card offer, too. It gives consumers the opportunity to earn up to 35,000 miles on their qualifying transactions and they also receive a complimentary companion ticket once a year. Earn two miles for every dollar spent on Miles & More purchases and one mile for every dollar spent anywhere else. There’s no expiration date on your rewards as long as you meet a monthly minimum in purchases.

Many cardholders like the intro 0% APR on balance transfers during the first fifteen months, too.

Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard is apart of the Barclaycard family and you can apply easily online for instant approval. You’ll want to carefully consider the terms and conditions as well as the interest rate you’re offered once approved.

The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More offers many ways to earn those points and for those who travel, it’s a fine choice and one definitely worth making room for in your wallet. We’ve done our homework to and have discovered the customer service team is remarkable and always ready to help card holders. Requesting new cards is easy as is requesting help if your card’s lost or stolen.

Horizon Gold Credit Card

Horizon Gold Credit Card was designed for those with limited or no credit history at all. It is intended for consumers having limited or no credit. This offer is slightly different than a traditional credit card as it’s considered a shopping card and it can only be used on the Horizon website. There are no annual fees, interest rates or balance transfer options. That said, the card does provide Road Side Protection Service, which gives peace of mind for those travelers who are always afraid they’ll be left stranded in the most inopportune places. Another feature is its comprehensive legal assistance plan.

As we mentioned, there’s no annual fee; however, there is an application fee and members might have a monthly maintenance fee. That said, this company reports to all three of the credit bureaus, which provides an opportunity to improve their credit scores. This, and the fact that gaining approval is considerably easier than other credit card offers, it could be a great option for millions of Americans.

With this credit card offer, you’ll want to explore more than just the terms and conditions. Be sure you understand the difference between traditional charge cards and shopping cards. The Horizon Gold card does have its limitations, but again, as long as applicants understand the purpose of the card and how it can help them improve their scores, thereby qualifying for better offers, it’s the perfect solution.

Of course, this is but a few of the newest credit cards on the market – there are several that have recently been unveiled. Just like anything else, some offers are better than others and again, it comes back to the same thing we stress in all of our reviews: the terms and conditions are crucial. You must understand completely what your credit card company’s expects and what it feels its expectations to its customers are.

Bring in the new year with peace of mind knowing you’ve carefully chosen those financial products that will help you build a strong financial foundation.

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