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No Annual Fee Credit Card Offers

No Annual Fee Credit Card Offers

More of us are taking note of the little things when it comes to our finances these days. We’re beginning to appreciate those small differences that add up to big savings, such as 0% APR offers, balance transfer offers and of course, those credit cards that include no annual fees. As we head into the holiday weekend, we thought we’d take a look at a few of those offers that will mean extra money in your pocket each year.

Chase Slate Vertical Card with Blueprint

Chase is known for its impressive promos. With generous perks and benefits, there’s a reason it’s one of the highest ranked credit cards when it comes to customer satisfaction. This card offers a 0% APR for fifteen months, it allows balance transfers and the BlueprintSM program allows you to eliminate your debt much faster, thereby saving even more money interest fees.

Plus, the no annual fee inclusion makes it a great choice for many folks. The offer is quite streamlined, too, which is an added bonus for those who are all about simplicity when it comes to their finances. You’ll pay a 3% transaction fee for your balance transfers, which is comparable with other offers. Of course, the better your credit history, the lower your interest will be after the intro period.

United MileagePlus Explorer Visa

This co-branded offer has a lot of amenities, including up to 40,000 additional bonus miles that can be used on United and Continental airlines. You’ll also enjoy priority boarding privileges, exclusive access to hard-to-access events and perhaps the best part is that your miles never expire nor is there a limit to how many miles you can earn. The no annual fee perk makes it a well rounded and popular choice for consumers with good credit. If it’s a co-branded offer you’re looking for, this is one definitely worth your consideration.

The Plum Card from American Express Open

Small business owners are always looking for ways to save money; after all, every penny spent is a penny out of their profits. The Plum Card from American Express offers a suite of financial tools that not only saves these business owners money, but helps them manage their finances, too. There are several payment options, including flexibility in payments once you’ve paid 10%. Paying your account in full within ten days of your purchase earns you a 1.5% discount. There’s no annual fee, though this is applicable for the first year only. After that, it’s $185 per year. Still, this is a popular choice for many business owners because of the wealth of tools and opportunities that’s exclusive to American Express card holders.

Maximum Rewards Platinum Edition Visa

This is another easy to understand offer for those looking to maximize their savings. The Maximum Rewards Visa offers 0% APR for twelve months for all balance transfers and 0% APR for six months for purchases. There’s no annual fee and you earn one point per every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. These points can be redeemed for travel, gift cards or at your favorite retailer. After you intro period expires, you’ll enjoy a low rate, depending on your credit, of course.

PrePaid Card Offers

Of course, there are many prepaid credit card offers that have no annual fees. You’ll want to carefully review the terms and conditions since you might find yourself paying a monthly maintenance or membership fee, which can add up. The big draw for prepaid credit cards is that there are no concerns over interest rates.

They’re a great solution for many and you can also find those that help build or rebuild credit histories. The EXACT Prepaid MasterCard is a great example. It has no annual fee, it’s convenient and the MasterCard logo ensures you and your purchases are protected. It’s one of the higher ranked pre paid credit card offers on the market at this time.

Sometimes, finding ways to save money can be challenging, but if you’re keeping your eye on the details, you might be surprised at how many ways you can save when it comes to your credit card choices. Remember that not all card offers are the same and regardless of how impressive the perks look, it’s the interest rates and annual fees that can eat up the benefits of any particular card offer.

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