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Credit Card Debt Drops in Early 2013

TransUnion reported today that the average credit card debt fell to $4,878 in the first quarter of 2013. This is great news and ideally will reveal a more confident consumer heading into the summer months.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Credit Card Debt, Credit Card News, New Credit Cards

Should You Be Worried About Troubled Banks?

It’s difficult to put your faith – or keep your faith – in your bank when it seems like every other day presents another scandal. And let’s face it – 2013 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the scandals.

Author: Scott Townsend | Categories: Banking

$32 Billion Overdraft Fees Paid to Banks in 2012

If there’s ever been a reason for consumers to consider prepaid debit cards, the $32 billion in overdraft fees that were paid to the nation’s biggest banks last year is the perfect justification. Is it time for you to bail on your big bank?

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Banking, Prepaid

Prepaid Debit Cards: the Pros and Cons

When it comes to prepaid debit cards, there are usually two schools of thought: they’re the ideal alternative to a bank account or they’re risky financial products with too many fees. Both are accurate, for the most part.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Prepaid

Why Do Fewer Americans Own Homes?

There are fewer Americans who own homes today. The recession and lax mortgage rules from the past decade play a role, but smart credit card choices can help rebuild credit.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Choosing Cards, Credit Card Reform

CFPB Chief Touts Success, Congress Still Not Happy

So why are some members of Congress acting like spoiled brats? Worse, why are there those in some committees who refuse to even acknowledge the works by Cordray and CFPB?

Author: Scott Townsend | Categories: Financial News

Establishing Business Credit?

Establishing business credit isn’t difficult, if you know what to do.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Choosing Cards, Financial Planning

Is Card Nanny Worth the Expense?

Card Nanny promises a lot – but is it worth the $5.95 fee each month a smart investment? Here’s our review of this credit card management tool.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Credit Card News, Financial Planning

What Does Legal Battle Over Swipe Fees Mean for Consumers?

Eight years and millions spent over credit card swipe fees – and it amounts to very little change for American credit card users.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Banking, Credit Card Reform

3 Financial Tools You Need – Today

Looking for a new financial app or stock buying app? We review three of the better options on the market today.

Author: Joanne Lee | Categories: Financial Planning

What is Bitcoin?

Have your Bitcoin account yet? Here’s why it matters – and why you should probably consider having an account.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Financial News

What’s New in Credit Card Offers

Thinking it’s time to shop for a better credit card? Here are some of the best credit cards, including a few co-branded offers and rewards credit cards, available today.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Choosing Cards, Credit Card News, New Credit Cards

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