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Buffet Backs Dimon in Treasury Role

Yes, Warren Buffet really believes Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, should be considered to replace Timothy Geithner.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Banking

Best Prepaid Cards in 2012

There’s a new trend in the financial sector and it includes prepaid cards. Here’s a few of the best 2012 brought us.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Choosing Cards, Prepaid

Fewer Using Rewards Cards on Black Friday, Fewer Working

Bank’s Reward’s Baro’meter shows we may not be using our rewards cards this holiday season as Wal Mart gears up to possibly handle striking workers.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Card Rewards

Pros & Cons: Gift Cards

It appears on the surface there are few differences between prepaid debit card products and gift cards. One offers more protection courtesy of the new credit card laws.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Prepaid, Special Offers

Credit Card Review: Discover Student Open Road

Today college students face would-be employers who want to check their credit history, even if they have yet to establish one. A credit card can help them with that, if they choose wisely.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Choosing Cards, Student

Can You Deduct Credit Card Interest?

Brush up on the tax laws as we prepare for tax season. Learn more about credit card interest and what’s deductible.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Credit Card Tips, Taxes

Chase Ink for Small Businesses

Chase Ink cards were designed with small business owners in mind.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Choosing Cards

Those Crazy ATMs

ATMs are lifesavers and for some, they’re a bit too much of a lifesaver. Here’s what to do if your ATM rewards you with too much cash.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Miscellaneous

Financial Considerations with Hurricane Sandy

Many of the nation’s biggest banks are announcing waivers of late fees for credit card payments and NSF charges for checks. JPMorgan Chase is one, but some of its competitors have not agreed.

Author: Scott Townsend | Categories: Miscellaneous

Out of College, Female Grads Already Earning $8,000 Less

Women are at a disadvantage the moment they walk off their college campuses with their diplomas as they immediately are earning $8,000 less than their male counterparts.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Choosing Cards, Student

Best No Annual Fee Cards for 2012

Before you apply for a no annual fee credit card, check out recommendations.

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Choosing Cards, Special Offers

MasterCard Tracks, Sells Customer Credit Card Purchases

MasterCard has processes 35 billion transactions annually and now it’s selling the information from many of those transactions.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Banking

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