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Concerned Over Possible FDIC Dissolution?

The FDIC program that provided temporary deposit insurance in an effort to keep small businesses banking with its those in their communities is set to expire in December. The repercussions are many.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Financial News

CFPB Now Overseeing Credit Bureaus

The successful CFPB will soon be overseeing the credit agencies in the U.S. including the three major bureaus.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Credit Card Reform, Financial News

The Wallaby Card

The buzz is all about the Wallaby card and how it can help consumers make the most of their credit cards.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Choosing Cards, New Credit Cards

New Credit Card Surcharge Fees

For years, lawsuits have worked their way through the American judicial system. Those fees merchants want to tack on to consumers using their credit cards are likely to appear on a receipt near you.

Author: Brent Thomas | Categories: Credit Card News, Credit Card Reform

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

We’ve all heard peer to peer lending, but what is it and is it a viable option for those looking to secure personal loans?

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Miscellaneous

Magic in Your Wallet

Another celebrity has entered the prepaid debit card market. Is Magic Johnson’s the magic cure-all for celebrity endorsed financial products?

Author: Joanne Lee | Categories: Choosing Cards, Prepaid

How We Charged Our New House on Our Credit Card

Imagine paying off your house within a year. Here’s one family’s unconventional way of living a simpler life that’s brought peace and happiness – along with no credit card debt or mortgage.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Uncategorized

Stockton Calif. to File Bankruptcy

All eyes are on Stockton this week as it announces it will file bankruptcy within days. Talks with its creditors fell through after three months of negotiations.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Miscellaneous

JPMorgan Chase Changes Overdraft Policy

Is the latest move by JPMorgan Chase an act of goodwill toward its customers or is a court ruling behind the announcement that it will no longer assess overdraft fees for debit card transactions less than $5?

Author: Brian Weston | Categories: Credit Card News

Debt Collection Credit Cards: Deceptive Move or New Start?

Debt collection credit cards are controversial. Consumers see a way to improve their credit, but collection agencies and banks see a way to start the clock again on debt that’s past the statute of limitations.

Author: Carolyn Spiel | Categories: Debt Consolidation

Consumer Complaints Site Opens

The long-awaited CFPB database is now live. Consumers can now review a credit card company’s complaints by customers – and those companies are not happy.

Author: Scott Townsend | Categories: Credit Card News, Credit Card Reform

Credit Cards for Vacation

Half of us won’t take a vacation this year. If you’re one of the lucky ones, pay attention to the details – it can make a world of difference in how much you pay in interest and credit card fees.

Author: Joanne Lee | Categories: Card Rewards, Choosing Cards

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