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Prepaid Rush Cards: the Black Diamond

Prepaid Visa Rush Cards

Things You Should Know

In the current financial market, there are a number of companies that are trying to offer such prepaid debit cards. Most of these cards have been designed in a specific way to make them seem as though they are saving you money, when in actual fact they are costing you a fortune. So how can you be sure that the Prepaid Visa Black Diamond RushCard is any different? The great thing about all the rush cards being offered, including the black diamond plus, is that there are no hidden costs what so ever. Prepaid Rush cards are offering four different types of debit cards:

  • Baby Phat Prepaid Visa Rush Card
  • Prepaid Visa Rush Card
  • Prepaid Visa Black Diamond Rush Card
  • Prepaid Visa Purple Diamond Rush Card

Two of which have no monthly fee, however the black diamond plus is one card that falls in the other category. Even though the black diamond plus cards require you to pay a monthly charge, they are also entitling you to two extra benefits. With the Prepaid Visa Black Diamond Rush Card, you are allowed to have unlimited transactions without the need to having giving your signature.

Regardless of which card you choose, all of them are known to charge a very small amount of with drawls. With the Black Diamond Rush Card, you are given two free with drawls every month giving you a chance to save more costs. All of the information in relation to the costs and charges of the card can easily be found on their website at The best thing about the rush card website is that they have provided you with a full competitor analysis on their site. This shows a comparison between the cards being offered by rush cards, including the black diamond plus, and other competitor cards. Out of all the cards currently being offered in the market, the black diamond plus card is the one that works out to be one of the cheapest.

Other Things You Can Expect

Seeing as the Prepaid Visa Black Diamond Rush Card requires you to top up money when ever you want to use the card, it is important to know the options that you have in regards to transferring money. The black diamond plus card allows you to transfer money through a number of different means. These include direct deposit, Paypal, check and many more. The great thing about the back diamond plus card is that if you choose to go with a direct deposit option, your monthly fee is automatically waivd.

Not being able to keep track of your expenses and purchases effectively is seen as the main cause behind why many suffer from financial strains in the first place. This is where the black diamond plus card comes in handy. When you apply for this card, you are also given access to their online management system. Their online management system provides you with a number of technical tools that allow you to keep effective control over all your purchases and expenses. Being able to track these things effectively in effect will save you a lot of money in the long run.

What If You Have A Bad Credit?

This is probably seen as one of the best features about a Black Diamond RushCard. With this card in particular, acceptance is pretty much guaranteed. You will not be required to go through any credit checks what so ever. In actual fact, this card has specifically been targeted for those that suffer from a bad credit history. Using this card, one will easily be able to build his or her credit ratings once again. Now you may be asking how that all works? Seeing as the black diamond plus card only works as a pay as you go card, you will only be able to use the money that you have initially deposited. This in result will automatically eliminate any possibilities of you suffering from any form of debt. Not having any debt over a long period of time will in effect increase your credit rating.

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