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President Obama Goes High Tech with Credit Card Donations

President Obama Goes High Tech with Credit Card Donations

President Obama first wowed supporters when he unveiled a new iPhone app for his volunteer recruitment efforts during his first run in 2008. Now, he ups the ante for the 2012 vote in hopes he can rein in more cash and more high-tech and contemporary voters.

This time, he’s introducing the Obama Victory Fund mobile phone credit card donations app… including a spiffy swipe attachment so that everyone has an opportunity to give to his re-election campaign. This new campaign drive, regardless of whether one is Republican or Democrat, is admittedly quite impressive.


This spiffy system is being proudly powered by Square, a new tech start up company and is being introduced to what the Obama team says are hundreds of field offices from coast to coast. February is sure to be the month where cash, politics and technology forge an entirely new deal – one that’s sure to change the way we forever donate to charities, school drives and of course, presidential campaigns.

The Hardware

Obama organizers are now equipped with a small, 1-inch square attachment that plugs right into their smart phones and just like that, credit card swipes can begin that beautiful song and dance – right into the Democratic President’s war chest. All the voter’s info, gleaned from their Visa and MasterCards, are fed right into the smart phone and straight to a database for future use by politicians. And who said you can’t do two things at once? Having all your information stored and saved along with your cash donation has never been so… intriguing.

The Game Plan

According to a few Obama aides,

The idea is that if you’re at a house party or in daily interactions – at a grocery store shopping – and someone sees your Obama for America button and wants to talk to you about the campaign, you can ask for a donation and accept it right then and there,

the aides told ABC News.

As the app is being introduced and beginning its intoxicating beeps and whistles, it’s expected this brilliant move will soon be visiting you, courtesy of an Obama supporter, by the spring. Those donors and other supporters can even download the free Apple app from the iTunes store.

Another campaign aide said that the new technology costs about 1 cent when the campaign buys them in bulk. The mobile interface possibilities are endless – and can even make it to grassroots fundraising pages online.

Targeting Smaller Donors

So why now? What is it that Obama supporters are hoping to achieve? That answer’s actually quite simple: the goal is to promote competition among small-dollar donors. Keep in mind, Square Inc’s founder, Jack Dorsey, also co-founded Twitter, which significantly lends to his credibility and is certainly in line with his past successes. Dorsey said his goal was to revolutionize business and politics – and it looks like he has an unlikely ally – at least in Obama’s circles.

A Credit Card Worth Using

If you’re Democrat and was waiting for a sign from up above to tell you it’s time to apply for a new credit card, this just might be it. Check out a few of the many credit card offers, each that’s ready to help you help your favorite politician, and each with an intro 0% APR so that you’re not paying interest on that donation by the time the next election rolls around.

Chase Slate

This popular choice has a 0% APR for up to 12 months and for a limited time, you’ll pay no balance transfer fees, either. The Chase Slate with Blueprint allows you to pay your balances in no time while saving on interest, too. There’s no annual fee and of course, the Chase zero liability protection saves you from charges that aren’t yours.

Discover More

This has long since been a favorite – and for good reason. The perks are plentiful – even President Obama would be impressed. It too offers a 12 month 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers and you earn 5% cash back in rotating categories. Shop through the Discover network and earn up to 20% cash back. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Money and politics – two topics that dominate the headlines and with technology tossed in for good measure, this election is sure to reach monumental heights in ways we never thought possible.

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