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READYDebit Visa Card – Convinience, Savings & Freedom

Ready Debit Prepaid Visa card


There really is nothing better than having access to cash when you need it, and that’s what a READY Debit Prepaid Visa Card offers you. With access to over a million ATM’s, you can get cash any time of day nearly anywhere in the world. Because it is also a Visa debit card, you can use it anywhere that Visa is accepted. This means that you will have access to money even if you can’t find a cash machine. All of this is available to you without wire or account transfers or waiting in line at the bank, if you can even get there before they close for the day.

Aside from getting quick access to cash the READY Debit Card is also a great way to handle your finances online. Of course, because it is a Prepaid Visa debit card, you can use it online just like you would anywhere else. However one of the best benefits is being able to manage your bills and keep track of your savings in one easy place. Set up direct deposit with your employer and use the free online bill pay service to keep your budget on track. It’s easy and it’s fast, and because it follows your pay schedule you will know how much money you have, where it’s coming from, and when it will get there.


While convenience is definitely a big plus, what the READY Debit Visa Prepaid Card really offers you is a significant savings over the services that many other, larger, and even national banks provide. Most of the services they provide are free, and the ones that require a fee are significantly lower than you would find at other financial institutions that would otherwise be forced to use. Online bill pay is free when combined with direct deposit, which is also free. It will also cost you nothing to write checks online and there is no charge to load your card, which you can do via ACH bank transfer as well as online.

For services that require fees, you will notice a dramatic difference from you might already be paying at your bigger, national bank, or with other institutions which supposedly help you with your finances. Monthly service can cost as little as $4.95 and considering how that allows you to do what a normal bank does with half the trouble, that’s a great deal. Compare that alone to the astronomical fees you pay at check cashing stores and you will quickly see how the savings add up. For more information on READY Debit Card fee breakdown, you can visit Ready Debit card page.


All in all, the READYDebit Card gives you the freedom to live your life according to your own guidelines. Unfortunately, many credit card companies thrive on your interest fees, penalties, and all the mistakes that you will make along the way. Banks can operate on a similar wavelength, charging you for everything from ordering checks to online bill pay! What you need is a company who only charges you for standard operating procedures and does everything they can to help make your personal banking and financing business their top priority.

Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, wherever you please is something that everyone should have, regardless of their banking limitations. If you have a verifiable paycheck, address, and personal information, the application will be a breeze for you. You can check out READYDebit Prepaid Visa Card page for more information about the different ways this card can serve you. Whether you travel a lot and enjoy the convenience of using it no matter where you are, or you need a second one for a spouse or older child, they have provisions for everything. Now you can get all freedom and convenience of a bank account, without the minimum requirements, and you can avoid the high fees of check cashing services and money orders.

You can compare this card with other Debit cards, read review and instant apply online at READYDebit Prepaid Visa Card Application page.

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