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Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards Card

By now, most of us have heard of the Simmons First family of credit cards. We showcase these cards on a fairly regular basis, but today, we’re going to delve into this offer and really explore the many rewards associated with these newer credit card offers. While this is an excellent credit card offer, there are some considerations you’re wise in remembering. Pay attention to the details and odds are, you’ll find a gem of an offer with the Simmons First Visa Platinum rewards credit card.

At First Glance

The first thing most consumers look for is how stringent the qualification guidelines are for any potential credit card offer we’re considering. Especially since the recession, this bit of information can help ensure we’re not applying for a new card offer at a time when we’re repairing some past damage problems.

That said, it should be noted this credit card requires an excellent credit rating. For those who do qualify, you might be pleasantly surprised at what this platinum credit card offers. For one thing, the perks and benefits are many – and the restrictions, surprisingly, are very few and those that there part of the offer aren’t as invasive as many of its competitors.

Many Features

The features are more than comparable with other similar credit card offers on the market today. From the traditional features we’ve grown to expect to a few new ones that are sure to become a part of other card offers, this is the total package.

Customers also say the customer service is superb; always a good thing to know – especially with the slew of complaints other credit card companies have weathered in recent months.

Other Perks

There’s no annual fee with this card and the low APR is impressive, too. Want to transfer balances from those higher interest credit cards? You can do so with the Simmons Visa. Also, if you lose your cash or credit cards, or if they’re stolen, you can quickly get it resolved with this offer.

Great Choice for International Travel

The Simmons Visa Platinum Rewards credit card be be used for cash advances financial institutions where Visa credit cards are accepted. Of course, ATMs are always an option, but for those with the need for more cash tat an ATM is capable of releasing, this feature is an added bonus.

Also, all cardholders are covered with complimentary travel accident insurance. This policy covers death and dismemberment and applies when you use your Visa Platinum to purchase airline, rail, cruise and other transportation tickets. This peace of mind is free to card holders and is good for $1,000,000.

Travel Points

One of the most impressive aspects with this credit car offer is how quickly your points add up and how quickly you can redeem them. For instance, with just 10,000 points, you can apply that for $100 off any airline ticket. 28,000 points earns you a coach airline ticket valued of up to $500.

Your rewards points can also be used for hotels and car rentals, just to name a few.

Earning Points

Cardholders earn one point per dollar purchase made on their credit card (this excludes cash advances and travelers checks purchases as well as balance transfers). Keep in mind, finance charges, over limit fees, etc., do not earn points rewards (and no credit card offers have this feature). Your account is updated each month and no limits on how many points you can earn. Also, your points are not transferable and they may not be redeemed for cash.

Here’s where you’ll need to closely watch your points. There is a three year expiration date for points. Your statements will provide the details on when any group is set to expire.

Whether it’s everyday spending or if you like the idea of keeping an emergency credit card, the Simmons Visa just might be the best option for your needs. As always, however, be sure to closely review the fine print. There are very specific considerations and guidelines associated with this credit card offer. Once you’ve delved into it, however, odds are you’ll agree that there’s a reason it’s one of the more popular offers out there today.

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