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In the past week alone, I’ve received two invitations to June weddings. That brings my total for the season to five. Most of us love the idea of witnessing two lives begin a new chapter in their lives with all of the beauty and promise those vows mean. For others, it’s a time to reflect on whether or not they’re really prepared for the harsh reality of finances, children and tough times. Either way, weddings are new beginnings. They’re indicative of all that’s good and right in our society; well, for most anyway.

It’s no secret, either, that the best foundations ensure the best marriages. Those who are able to discern their spending and savings habits before walking down the aisles are the ones who can often weather the hard financial times much easier. Putting that game plan in place before saying “I do” means fewer surprises in the marriage. With that in mind, we were wondering which credit cards bode well for young lives and young marriages. Which credit products will move through these newlywed lives with them and will remain versatile enough for the changing needs marriage brings? We did a bit of exploring and here’s what we found.

Discover It

This new credit card offer makes the cut every time. Discover is already known for its commitment to customer service. It’s already been named the best credit card for college students and it’s a powerful money tool for any wallet. The same holds true for newlyweds, too. When it says it’s out to change the way we think about credit cards, that’s what it means. This jewel offers things its competitors simply don’t. It’s little surprise then, that it’s just right for those looking for their first credit card as husband and wife.

There are no annual fees and no over the limit fees. Let’s face it, even in the best prepared marriages, there are always those moments of, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. You’d be surprised at the number of realizations that hit a young wife or husband when they realize their spouse is adamant about never having to pay an annual fee. With the Discover It card, it’s not a problem.

And, too, it’s doubtful there’s ever been a marriage that, in its first year or so, doesn’t include a startling realization that a spouse forgot to mail in a payment, whether it’s the utility bill or a mortgage payment or a credit card payment. With the Discover It card, that first late payment isn’t held against you – not with a late payment or a report to the credit bureau or an increase in the interest rate. Imagine the arguments that won’t be had because of that.

Couples can also decide the best time of the month to make their payments, too. This is especially helpful if the newlyweds are just graduating college and trying to determine their career choices. The cash back options, including 5% rotating categories, helps with those young budgets and the 14 month 0% intro rate is a great way to start any new chapter.

USAA Active Military World MasterCard

There are those who choose the military as their career. It’s noble and good and deserves all that’s right with this world. There are millions of newlyweds who have one or both spouses in the military. Fortunately, there are plenty of financial products designed for these very special career choices and those who choose them. The USAA Active Military World MasterCard is one of them.

The variable rates are as low as 9.9% on both purchases and cash advances. There are no annual fees and this credit card is versatile in terms of which rewards work best for the card holders. They can choose cash rebates of up to 1.25% on their purchases or they can opt for USAA Rewards, which allows them to earn points towards merchandise, gift cards, travel discounts and cold, hard cash. No annual fee is an added bonus, as well.

Because our military have different needs in terms of their benefits, this credit card delivers those special benefits. This is another fine way for newlyweds to plan for their futures. It comes with all of the protections behind the MasterCard name, as well. When you apply online, you get an instant decision and good credit ensures a positive decision.

Harley-Davidson Visa Credit Card

Finally, we take a look at a great credit card choice for those who like to live their lives on the road; those who see marriage as a way to see the world or for those who don’t want to include little ones right away. The Harley Davidson Visa credit card just might be the perfect fit.

One of the biggest benefits, from our point of view, this credit card offers is the fact card holders are entered every single month for in a drawing for a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. A drawing is held each month and if you’ve used your credit card any time during that month, your name could be drawn. Plus, you receive Harley Chrome cash certificates and you’ll earn 3 points for every dollar spent on Harley Davidson products, 2 points for every dollar spent at gas stations, bars, restaurants and lodging properties and one point spent on every dollar spent everywhere else. These points can be redeemed for Harley Chrome Cash and there’s no limit on how many you can earn.

There are no preset limits on spending, either, which adds to the convenience and versatility factors. No annual fee sweetens the deal further. It’s a fine co-branded credit card offer that’s perfect for newlyweds who like to feel the wind in their hair. Of course, it’s perfect for those couples who are nearing retirement, too and are ready to see the world on the back of a Harley. It’s all about making life count, right?

If We Could…

As always, whether we’re old married birds or two glorious young souls just beginning our lives together, the importance of understanding the terms and conditions can’t be stressed enough. Pay attention to what those terms and conditions mean and try to put yourself in a place, in your mind, of where worse case scenario plays out – the re-read those terms and conditions. These are things we try to instill in our young adults, but that’s all we can do is try.

If we could, we’d find a way to give wedding gifts of financial wisdom for newlyweds; we’d find a way to show them the long term repercussions of late credit card payments, what interest really costs and the importance of staying honest with one another when it comes to money and life. Unfortunately, that’s never on any gift registery. What we can do, however, is provide information that will at least cause these young people to think closely about their choices. So as most of us continue to collect wedding invitations and prepare for the wedding season, we’ll continue to plunder their gift registries, choose toasters or blenders or place settings and hope they will at least do their own due diligence not only for which financial products they choose, but for life as a married person who now must consider the thoughts and needs of another.

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