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Sweeten Valentine’s Day by Using Your Credit Card

Sweeten Valentine's Day by Using Your Credit Card

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but before you outrageously overspend on roses and candy, take a look at your credit card rewards points – you might find yourself quite surprised with what the card companies are offering. And trust us – they’re all offering goodies to further sweeten the day, even more than the chocolate you’re going to over-indulge in.

It’s all about big savings from the most romantic companies of the world and the cash back bonuses from your card network will have you wondering if maybe you shouldn’t be your own valentine.

Sweet Savings for Your Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day just isn’t right without that candy. If you’re a Chase cardholder, you owe it to yourself to visit the Chase site. Take advantage of extra points per dollar spent on Godiva candy – to the tune of an additional 5% cash back, plus the savings offered through the candy company itself that’s reserved strictly for Chase customers. Another impressive find you’ll discover is the $10 coupon code that’s being offered by Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Also, and this is a nice bonus: American Express cardholders will receive an additional 12% cashback when they shop at Shari’s Berries, provided, of course, you shop through the AMEX online store. What makes this such a great offer is Shari’s Berries will donate that cashback bonus to United Way. It’s a great way to give back.

Other candy companies have exclusive offers with certain credit card companies, too. Names like Harry & David and Ghiradelli each have their wares at big savings. Visit your card company’s online storefront for details on who’s offering what. Also, be sure to review the terms and conditions of any of these offers. Wouldn’t want to spoil that sugar rush you’re getting from all that chocolate.

Shall We Dine?

Discover card users by now are familiar with the perfect partnership the card company has with Plan dinner out with your sweetheart and you’ll be able to take advantage of special savings and, if you’re a wine connoisseur, enjoy yet another 15% cash back from Discover partner Wine Enthusiast. Wining and dining – what could be better?

And speaking of wining and dining, Chase has its eye on the ball, too with its own partnership. In fact, the card company is offering an impressive 12 points per dollar spent on purchases in the Ultimate Rewards Mall. Also, rumor has it a new Zagat Wine coupon should be up and going in the next day or so, be sure to check that out, too. In fact, check the sites daily between now and Valentine’s Day – new offers, we’ve noticed, are being added seemingly every few hours or so.

A Rose is a Rose

Another great Discover offer is its 20% cash back bonus at several of the big names in flowers., 1-800-Flowers (including 20% cash back at 1-800-Baskets if you’re looking to send something extra besides the beautiful flowers, such as chocolate, cookies or other assorted gifts). ProFlowers and even Telefora are all in on the savings as well. Keep in mind, though, you must go through ShopDiscover.

Chase, for its part, has bonus points when you shop its online shop. ProFlower and KaBloom are both in on the Chase offers.

There might even be additional discounts at these florists if you order early, say, by February 10th. It’s a good incentive plus you don’t have to worry about last minute stress over whether your delivery will make it on time.

And if you find yourself unattached this year, send Cupid on his blissfully merry way, order the chocolate for yourself and while you’re at it – indulge in a beautiful rose bouquet. It’s always good for the soul. Besides, no one said February 14th is just for couples – we’re all for an evening in, with total access of the remote control, mind you and the money we saved in our wallets.

Again, we stress you review these offers before you decide. Also, double check the terms and conditions for your credit card, too – especially if you’re using rewards points. It’s just always better to know before agreeing to any promotional offers.

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