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The Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Credit Card

Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Credit Card

This Chase credit card packs a major punch for credit card consumers. If you’ve been looking for a new card with many perks, this just might be the one for your specific needs. Keep reading as we break down the Continental Airlines OnePass Plus card and its offerings.

Why This Card?

This Chase MasterCard brings to the table all of the perks and benefits we’ve come to expect from our credit cards. Your first purchase earns you $50 cash along with 25,000 bonus miles, which equates to a round trip ticket in many instances.

Have another user you’d like to add to your account? This simple move earns yet another 5,000 bonus miles. These perks aren’t common with many airline rewards cards, but still, it gets even better. When you use the Chase Continental Airlines OnePass, your first checked bag is free – and it applies to every trip you make. For those who travel often, this easily calculates into impressive savings.

Two miles are earned for every dollar you spend when you use your card to purchase Continental airline tickets. Another mile is earned for every one dollar you spend and you also enjoy lounge access along with two annual passes into the Continental President’s Club. Your purchases are covered with comprehensive purchase protection, which alerts you anytime an advertised lower price goes into effect in a certain time window.

When that happens, your credit card is automatically credited the difference in what you paid and what the new lower advertised price is. Other security measures include zero fraud liability and you’ll also enjoy OnePass Plus Concierge Service. There are other privileges card holders enjoy via the Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection.

Finally, a good credit rating is often enough for approval and you’ll have 24/7 customer service along with the many resources on the website, you’ll get instant approval for this card.

Other Considerations

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider this Chase MasterCard, but there are a few other things you’ll need to keep in mind as you decide if this new credit card is right for you.

There is an $85 annual fee, though it’s waived your first year, and you must already be enrolled in Continental Airline’s Frequent Flyer Program to apply. There is no intro APR, though the interest rates are competitive, and only slightly higher for cash advances. Also, to redeem your miles, you must book through the Continental Online Hotel Rewards site.

Other fees are also competitive. Returned check fees, late payment fees and over limit fees are all currently $35 each. Your grace period is 21 days, which is slightly fewer than other credit card offers that have a 25 day grace period.

On The Surface

The first thing you’re sure to notice about this card is its appearance. Sleek and simple, it has an air of refinement. With both the MasterCard and Continental Airlines logos sharing the same space as the Chase logo, this is one card that demands respect. In a handsome blue and gray color scheme, it’s one of the more stylish cards available and in fact, was designed with the preferences and feedback of American consumers.

All things considered, this is a strong credit card offer and will likely appeal to those who travel often (you may apply here for an instant decision). The rewards and benefits for new customers does exactly what the credit card company hopes: entices new customers. In the end, though, many will choose this card for the customer service and 24/7 access to live representatives, which is often not the case in many industries.

The miles accumulate rather quickly and the double miles is an added bonus as is the complimentary free bag check each time you travel. Again, though, if you’re more interested in transferring balances to an intro 0% APR card, this might not be the right credit card for you. Carefully weigh the benefits of any offer so that you’re making a sound financial decision.

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  1. JD says: [08 Jul 2011 - 7:41 • ]

    Note: The baggage fee is ONLY waived if you are flying Continental … NOT United! Even if you booked the trip through and used the OnePass credit card!

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