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TOP 10 Banks in the U.S.A.

Top 10 banks in USA

Choosing your bank for your savings is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. This is an institution that will be responsible for your hard earned money and you want it to be safe. The last thing you want is for you to lose all your money with a certain bank.

Therefore it is vital that you pick one of the top banks to invest your money in and that will suit your specific needs. With the financial situation in recent times it is more important than ever to have peace of mind and here we look at the 10 of the top banks in the US for you to select from.

1. Citigroup

This is among the largest banks in the United States of America in regards to assets. Their head office is located in New York. They have locations all over the world and are well respected and reliable in many countries everywhere. Some of Citi Bank brands include CitiMortgage and CitiFinancial.

2. Bank of America Corporation

The home of Bank of America is in Charlotte in North Carolina. One of the best things about this bank is the rate of expansion over the last few years showing that they continue to prosper. They offer a number of different useful services to customers including savings, loans and credit cards. They also are well set in other countries around the world too.

3. J.P. Morgan Chase and Company

The head office for this well known bank is located deep in Columbus in Ohio. J.P. Morgan is a company that has solid foundations and is strengthening all the time despite the economic problems. Chase Bank owns a vast number of holdings in their portfolio and offer services in well over 60 countries worldwide. As assets go they have in excess of $2.2 trillion.

4. Wachovia Corporation

This particular bank gets the attention and interest of investors and customers alike with some great sales figures and show of strength. They have offices all over the country and offer investment services amongst other things for many customers.

5. Wells Fargo and Company

This bank has been well known for a number of years in the US. They are leading financial institution that has their home in San Francisco. They offer a wide range of services from personal banking to business needs.

6. HSBC North American Inc.

HSBC Bank is located in Illinois and is one of the leading financial institutions when it comes to the services it offers. They offer credit cards, loans and bank accounts to their customers and some of the best advice around. They have assets of over $580 billion and millions of customers worldwide.

7. U.S. Bancorp

This bank based primarily in Minnesota, offers personal banking and loans and credit to their customers to help with individual needs. U.S. Bancorp also offer commercial and government loans in addition to personal and business ones.

8. Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

This bank is located in New York City and has in excess of $20 trillion in assets. It has expanded over the years to become a global company that now helps millions of customers worldwide. They continue to grow and move from strength to strength.

9. Citizen’s Financial Group Inc.

The head office of this bank is in Providence in Rhode Island and they offer a slightly slower pace than some of the other banks. They offer a vast range of vital products and services to their many customers. These services include online banking and many products for personal and business needs. In addition to all this they have some great investment alternatives for you to look at if you wish. They are growing all the time and acquired Charter One Financial as another asset a while back now to show how much they are prospering.

10. National City Bank

In the Midwest in America this bank will be well known to many and popular as well. There are vast amount of branches located in that area. The bank provides personal, business and commercial banking and advice to customers. The company is actually situated in Cleveland in Ohio. They also offer paper products and other courier services to make them more diverse.


The most important thing you can do when searching for a bank that you want to put your funds into is to research fully on the internet and in person. Make sure you listen to reviews on banks and check out their complete history and how well they are doing in the financial world. You need to do all this before investing your money.

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