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Top Ranked Cash Back Credit Cards

Top Ranked Cash Back Credit Cards

For us, the term “top ranked” is (or should be) based on consumer satisfaction. After all, there’s no shortage of cash back rewards from the heavy hitters in the credit card industry; but with that, it can also mean high annual fees and other hits that will make any cash back earnings you work towards pale in comparison. This week, we take a look at a few of the best cash back credit cards – and yes, they’re based on consumer rankings. Take a look and see if any of these gems are currently in your wallet.

Chase Freedom Visa

We still are hearing great things about this Chase Freedom Visa. This is partly due to the $200 in cash that’s easy to claim – without no waits or other “out of reach” requirements. Another important consideration is consumers with what’s known as “good” credit could very well find themselves being accepted for this credit card. This is great news for those who have stronger credit, but the numbers still hover around the 700 mark – these types of offers are usually reserved for those with sky-high credit ratings and impressive assets.

You earn 1% cash back on your purchases, unless, of course, you’re buying something in the rotating categories that will pay an additional 4% (for a total of 5% cashback) cash back. Also, when you buy eligible airfare, you can enjoy another 1% cash back. There’s a monthly cap of $600 for the airfare, but it adds up quickly.

You can also earn up to 10 percent cash back when shopping through Chase’s online mall.

Discover More Card $0 Balance Transfer Fee

Everyone knows that Discover is ranked #1 in customer loyalty and most folks are even aware it’s held on its number one place for going on two decades. Here’s what you might not know, though.

First, and for a limited time, the Discover $0 balance transfer fee is good for 12 months – this means not only can you transfer your balances from high APR cards, but you can also do it without any fees whatsoever. This is great, considering vacation season it just around the corner and if you’re like many Americans, you’ve gone a year or two without a getaway. Also, card holders enjoy 5% cash back bonuses that rotate four times a year and an addtional 20% cash back is yours when you shop through the online Discover mall.

There’s no annual fee, no rewards redemption fees and adding another card for a spouse or child won’t cost you anything either. It’s a great choice for those with at least a “good” credit rating.

One Cash Rewards

Another great choice, One Bank cardholders enjoy 2% cash back on both their gas and groceries while also earning 1% cash back on everything else. And in case you missed the latest trends, One Bank also has an online mall where card holders can earn an additional 15% cash back. No limits on how much you can earn in cash back and your points never expire.

Most recently, Bank et up a spiffy app where you can set up your account for automatic redemption. There’s an annual fee associated with this card, but it’s actually quite reasonable. The $39 annual fee is easily earned back with the many cash back opportunities this card network offers.

Cash One

We wanted to include this Bank One offer, too. There’s a $100 bonus cash back once you spend $500 in the first three months of opening your card account. Did we mention the 50% bonus you’ll earn on your anniversary? Also, set your account to direct deposit your cash back bonuses from your account directly into your bank account if you like. This card has no annual fee, either and its rewards never expire. Really personalize your card by uploading your own photos and through February 2013, you’ll enjoy both a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers. Doesn’t get much better than that.

As mentioned, there are simply dozens of great credit card offers than have cash back incentives. Do a bit of exploring and consider not only the perks and benefits, but the annual fees, over the limit fees and other expenses associated with owning any particular credit card. It’s the only way you know your cash back offer is going to serve its purpose.

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