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Our Credit Card Trends

One look at the statistics paints an interesting picture of how Americans use credit and how overwhelming credit card debt can quickly become.

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Debt Settlement Companies – Good or Bad ?

More than 1,800 debt settlement companies have sprang up in Texas and New York within the past 4 years. This is probably due to the economy and the fact that a higher than ever number of Americans are in debt.

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How Reducing Prime Rate Affects Credit Card Debt and Finance?

The prime rate is always seen as the first approach to controlling a recession. Burst periods which accompany the end of a market boom can be controlled by reducing the prime rate. Up until now, the Federal Reserve has steadily reduced prime rates in a bid to reduce interest rates and stimulate consumer spending.

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Credit Card Debt and Motivation

Credit Card debt is one of those issues affecting millions of Americans today. With credit easily available, the lure of spending what we don’t earn is hardly resistible. A lot of individuals even live out rightly on their credit cards with no form of savings whatsoever.

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