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Card’s fixed rate APR changes to variable? What to do?

In recent times, a number of credit card companies have hiked up interest rates, have changes interest charges from fixed to variable or done both. During such periods of economic hardship to the common man, this makes it much more difficult for people barely managing to stay current with monthly payments.

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How Credit Card Balance Transfers Affects your Credit Score

Believe it or not, credit card balance transfers take a toll on your credit score but to what depth depends on your situation. This post explains the general concept behind balance transfers and gives information on how reckless balance transferring may affect your credit score.

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How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

The question of how many credit cards becomes too much to have is constantly on the lips of American consumers. The die has been cast with financial experts aligning themselves for and against the multiple credit card issue. Here’s what we think, plus a few tips to manage your finances should you already own multiple credit cards.

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BBB Warns – Robocalls Promising to Lower Credit Card Interest Rate

Consumers across the U.S. have been sounding about incessant automated telemarketing calls. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on September 1st these prerecorded commercial telemarketing calls (robocalls) to consumers will be prohibited, unless the telemarketer has obtained permission in writing from consumers who want to receive such calls.

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9 Attractive Benefits of a Business Credit Card

These 9 benefits of business credit cards are in fact pointers you should be careful to watch out for when searching for the right business card. The article explains each benefit in detail and hopefully at the end you’d see reason why it’s always a better idea to fund your business with a business credit card no matter how small an establishment it is.

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Finding the Grace Period

All credit card companies do not follow the same type of grace period. However, a lot of credit cards will charge you interest right after a purchase is made (if there’s an outstanding bill). The best way to check how the grace period on your credit card works, and indeed if it has one is to check the reverse side of billing statements and the card agreement or terms and conditions.

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Ridding Yourself of Worthless Credit Cards

Credit cards can be awesome. They save time, they are easier to carry than money and they are a form of identification, and many come with cool holograms. Therefore, most of us have one or more for our very own. However, things happen… cards stop functioning, cards are cancelled, cards pass their expiration date… as I said, things happen.

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Avoiding Christmas Credit Card Debt

As the year comes to an end and Christmas approaches, a time has come where your expenses might get higher than usual. With millions of Americans already high in credit card debt, remaining debt-free throughout this period requires some work on your part.

Author: Roberta Sanchez | Categories: Credit Card Tips, Financial Planning

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