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Visa Black Card: Exclusive and Worth It

Visa Black Card: Exclusive and Worth It

In a time when more credit card companies are looking for ways to draw new customers, the Visa Black credit card throws out the old predictable models and instead takes a refreshing approach of offering it all to its members. This week, we take a look at the many benefits and perks associated with this Visa staple.

Defining Exclusivity

It can sometimes be challenging to differentiate between the many “exclusive” credit card offers, platinum credit card offers and other similar programs, but in this case, there’s no denying the many perks are what consumers dream of having in one credit card. For starters, the limited membership allows Visa to hone in on its users and their shopping habits, which means it can really target its offerings to those its members are most likely to take advantage of.

Card users enjoy a number of other perks, too, including a 24 hour concierge service. Many credit card offers include some kind of similar service, but this program has really zeroed in on how its members define convenience. Offering an around the clock concierge service that covers personal, travel and even your business needs, is most certainly one of those conveniences.

This makes a fine card for those who travel for business or pleasure. First, you’ll enjoy access, via Priority Pass to the Travel Lounge. Currently, the program is available in more than 600 airports throughout 100 countries. There are no blackouts or restrictions on your travel, either. As anyone who’s recently had their flights canceled can attest to, there are few things in life more frustrating. Visa shoulders that burden with its cardholders. If your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours in a covered event, you’ll be reimbursed up to $300 per ticket for any expenses such as hotels or meals. Also, there are reimbursement concessions made for lost luggage, luggage delays and other travel assistance services.

The Numbers

Card holders enjoy a six month 0% APR rate too. You’re also entitled to a lower intro rate for your balance transfers. This rate is applicable for the first fifteen months. Further, you’ll enjoy 1% cash back on your purchases. For many, the $495 annual fee is certainly worth it. You’re automatically covered with world wide travel insurance at no extra cost. If you rent an automobile with your Visa Black card and are in an accident, you don’t have to worry about theft or damages to the vehicle with the complimentary insurance coverage.

You’re also covered with Visa’s Zero Liability guidelines and shopping has never been safer with the complimentary purchase security that’s part of the Visa Black offering.


The fees are comparable with other similar credit card offers. There is a $39 late payment fee, as well as a $39 over the limit fee. The APR on cash advances is currently at 19.99% and you’ll pay a 3% transfer fee for your balance transfers. Checks returned to Visa unpaid will result in a $29 fee. Your currency conversion charge equates to 3% of the U.S. dollar amount and if you purchase money orders, lottery tickets, gambling chips or need a wire transfer, you’re subject to a 3% fee based on the total of the dollar amount.

Other Perks

Always with an eye on the environment, the Black Visa Card is a patent pending carbon card, providing not only a prestigious and elegant design, but one that’s environmentally friendly, too. Other perks include real time online access, a luxury gift program, and other special offers from Visa.

To be sure, this Visa program is most certainly one that ranks high in customer satisfaction. If you can get past the annual fee and see the many benefits for what they are and the savings they represent, this will surely become your credit card of choice. You can apply online for an instant decision, too. You’re encouraged to carefully review the terms and conditions, especially since this offer comes with so many benefits. You don’t want to miss out on a perk simply because you weren’t aware it was available.

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  1. Joseph says: [10 Aug 2011 - 15:23 • ]

    Just got approved for the black card with an 836 fico score… It’s nice to be a part of the elite club of black card holders.

  2. Christina Thomas says: [01 Oct 2011 - 16:58 • ]

    The Visa Black is just a notch below the exclusivity offered by the Amex Centurion. It’s worth it for a certain group; basically, the group that makes too much to comnplain or even think about the $500 annual fee, which is just $41 per month.

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