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What are Auto Rewards Credit Card Offers?

What are Auto Rewards Credit Card Offers?

There’s no shortage of rewards programs out there when it comes to our credit cards. Cash back rewards, miles rewards programs, hotel rewards – the list is endless and each is geared toward a very specific consumer group. That said, there’s one rewards dynamic that you might not hear a lot about.

Auto rewards credit card offers are a great way for those who use their vehicles often to take advantage of some impressive savings and cash back opportunities. College students, those who travel great distances to the office each day, or those just looking for an additional layer of savings when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles are those most likely to apply for these credit card offers. Here, we’ve outline a few of those offers, each with their own unique pull. Take a look and see if any fit your needs –

Discover Miles Card

First up, we take a look at what’s probably the most popular within the auto rewards credit card offers. The Discover Miles credit card allows card holders to earn travel rewards – up to $120 each month you use the card your first year. You’ll earn double miles for every dollar you spend on your Discover credit card and there’s even a 0% intro APR for both purchases and balance transfers the first six months. That’s always a good deal for those looking to pay down credit card debt.

Discover consumers also have no restrictions when it comes to their travel plans. They may fly on any airline, stay at any hotel they choose and select any rental car company they prefer. No blackout dates make this a strong offer that’s certainly worth your consideration. The fact that Discover keeps its place at the top of the list for customer satisfaction only sweetens the deal.

AMEX Simply Cash

Wouldn’t it be great to have a business credit card that offers auto rewards? The Simply Cash Business Card from American Express OPEN is your solution. Have several company vehicles or do you find yourself reimbursing employees for mileage? This credit card is the solution. You receive 3% cash back on fuel for your vehicles, 5% cash back on office supplies and wireless services and 1% cash back on everything else.

The best part? There’s no limit on how much you can earn. Most small business run with open accounts at such places as FedEx, OfficeMax and others, and when you use your AMEX Simply Cash, you’ll enjoy savings anywhere from 3% up to 10%. There’s no annual membership fee and you’ll enjoy a 12 month 0% intro APR. It’s an offer that has benefits at every turn, and in today’s tough economy, that goes a long way.

Discover Student Open Road Credit Card

As we mentioned earlier, college students can be the ideal consumers for auto rewards cards. It gives Mom and Dad peace of mind while saving money in the process. Students enjoy quarterly cash back bonuses of 5% in categories such as gas, travel expenses, restaurants (and yes, even that favorite pizza delivery near the dorm), groceries and much more.

Like many of the Discover products, these credit card holders can also see up to 20% cashback when they shop some of the most well known retailers through the Discover website. Everything else earns 1% cash back. Parents also will appreciate the absence of no annual fee, no fees associated with additional credit cards nor are there any redemption fees when you cash in your rewards. A 0% intro APR for nine months sweetens the deal and while you need to have acceptable credit, it’s not necessary that your credit is excellent in most cases.

These are just a few of the auto rewards credit offers and while these aren’t as plentiful as some of the other rewards programs, they certainly have their benefits over their cash, travel or hotel rewards counterparts. After all, we’re all searching for ways to save money each month and choosing the right credit card with those rewards you’ll actually use is one of the sure-fire ways to meet your specific goals. Check the terms and conditions before applying for any credit card.

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