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What is the Chase Freedom Visa Card?

What is Chase Freedom Visa Credit Card

There are many credits cards to consider when you are looking to open a new account and build or establish new credit. Good credit is important in today’s society. The Chase Freedom Visa Card offers bonuses and cash back incentives for its valued customers.

The New Chase Freedom Card

Chase Freedom Visa Card users are reporting that this card is their most used line of credit. Chase Bank checking account holders are eligible to receive money back on any of the items in their five categories. Anytime a purchase is made, the customer earns unlimited cash back on all purchases. There is an incentive to shop when you are guaranteed to get money back on the items you buy the most. The top three categories you spend in will earn cash back as well. You can choose your own categories to maximize and customize your own personal savings.

Here are the basic incentives of The Chase Freedom Master Card.

  • Low intro APR and no annual fee
  • Unlimited cash back on purchasing
  • New accounts get bonus cash back
  • More cash back in chosen categories
  • Earn some extra cash back with some merchants online with Chase Bank

Pricing and Terms

The Chase Freedom Visa Card offers new applicants a low APR for the primary billing cycles. After the billing cycle trial period expires, the rate will be the standard APR based on credit history. The actual rate will be made depending on your credit score. The APR will also be different in every market due to the prime rate.

Balance Transfers

You’re welcome to transfer any outstanding balance to your Chase Freedom Visa Card. For the first year you will enjoy a low introductory APR. The balance transfer must be made within a certain amount of opening the new account with Chase Bank. After the first 12 cycles, the rate will become the regular APR. This figure is determined by your credit history. These APRs will also change depending on the market.

Cash Advances and Penalties

The APR for all cash advances made with the Chase Freedom Visa Card is reasonable for cardholders. There is an overdraft fee APR and penalty fee APR attached as well.

You will incur penalties when:

  • You default on making a minimum payment when due
  • Go over your allotted credit limit
  • Issue a payment that is returned without pay
  • Commit these with any company associated with Chase Bank

How to Avoid Interest

Pay close attention to when your payment is due. Chase Bank does not charge interest on any part of new purchases when the statement reflects that Chase Bank received the entire payment in full when compared to the statement you received the prior billing cycle. This must be paid by the time the minimum balance payment is due on the statement. Also, if you have another balance that is subject to higher interest, you may still pay your balance completely every month to avoid interest on those balances as well. Chase Bank applies payments to the highest balance owed first. Interest is charged with advances, over the limit fees and balance transfers. These occur on the actual transaction date they occur.

Transaction Fees

  • You’ll incur fees for balance transfers for a percent of the total purchase
  • Cash advances carry a monetary increase at the time of the transaction
  • Foreign transactions carry fees payable in the US dollar only

Penalty Fees

All late payments are subject to a late fee. Over the credit line fees are also subject to an additional fee. Anytime a payment is returned, there will be a surcharge. All returned checks carry the same fee.

Loss of Intro APR: They will end your introductory APR if any required minimum payment is late for an extended amount of time, and apply the penalty APR. This APR will vary with the market based on the prime rate.

Calculate Your Balance

Chase bank uses the daily balance method (including new transactions) to calculate your balance.

Avialable Chase Freedom Credit Cards

  • Chase Freedom Visa Card – $50 Bonus Cash Back
  • Chase Freedom Visa Card – $100 Bonus Cash Back
  • Chase Freedom MasterCard – $50 Bonus Cash Back
  • Chase Freedom MasterCard – $100 Bonus Cash Back

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the bank that issued your credit card. Ask to speak to a customer service representative. Make note of your questions and express them clear to the representative.

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