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What’s New in Credit Card Offers

New Credit Card Offers

Co-branded credit cards, prepaid cards, credit cards for bad credit – there’s something new for everyone and in fact, these new additions signal that the financial market is ready to move forward and put these tough recession-driven setbacks behind them. This week, we take a look at a few of these offers, the benefits and even the details that make them great offers, but ones you’ll need to keep in mind as you maneuver through the sea of new credit card offers.

Williams Sonoma Visa

This Visa offer is a perfect example of how co-branded financial products should work. First, the rewards are plentiful and include a 2,500 bonus points jump on your first purchase. Every dollar you spent at Williams Sonoma, you’ll earn three points. For every dollar spent anywhere else you’ll earn one point. Look for $25 gift card bonuses, too. Further, you can trade the gift card option for a statement credit. Your rewards never expire and there’s no cap on how many you can earn in a year’s time.

And did we mention no annual fee?

Another great benefit of the Williams Sonoma Visa is the exclusive access to various culinary experiences around the world. This definitely redefines the word “rewards” when it comes to credit cards. You’ll also enjoy an intro 0% APR for fifteen months on your balance transfers, too. Good credit is needed, but the approval process might not be as restrictive as many of this card’s competitors. Apply online for an instant decision.

Tronix Country Shopping Card

This offer is different that traditional credit card offers. First, there’s no credit check and no verification process when it comes to jobs and bank accounts, which makes it a great choice for consumers wishing to rebuild their credit. Your payments are reported to the three credit bureaus, which can help you in your efforts of rebuilding.

Here’s where it’s different – you’re approved instantly; however, you are required to build your credibility with Tronix Country by establishing a consecutive layaway payments history. After three months, and provided you’ve made your payments on time, your account transitions to an unsecured account. Plus, you can only use the Tronix Country shopping card with this particular company, much the way retail credit cards do.

Many wonder why anyone would opt for an option that’s a bit more time consuming. For those who are looking to buying new computers, say, for kids leaving for college or grandparents who are anticipating electronics purchases over the holidays, it can be a fine choice that won’t break the budget.

There’s no interest rate, either. Access your account online and the products the company offers includes Dell, Acer and other brands.

Credit One Bank Visa Platinum

This is another strong choice for those with less than perfect credit. Credit One Bank Visa Platinum is designed to provide customers every opportunity for success, including the option of picking their own due date, free online monthly credit score tracking and routine reviews of their accounts for credit line increases. Customers also have access to email or text alerts to help them with their budgeting and payment reminders. The opening lines with this credit card offer is generally between $300 and $500.

There’s a zero fraud liability, your first year’s annual fee of $75 is waived and your account comes with complimentary travel accident insurance and auto collision damage waivers.

Life Miles Visa Signature Card

This is the ideal card for travelers. You earn one life mile for every dollar spent, you’ll earn 20,000 bonus miles the first time you use your LifeMiles Visa, 6,000 bonus life miles on your anniversary, double LifeMiles on Avianca and TACA Airline tickets, a 50% discount on your excess baggage redemption and your first year’s annual fee of $75 is waived.

It too is a co-branded card and there are no preset spending limits and you can use your card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Serve from American Express

American Express is the financial company to beat these days. Yesterday, it was announced its co-branded Blue Bird prepaid card would be making a transition to also serve as a checking account for customers. This is huge for the millions of under and unbanked Americans. While that’s an incredible move, American Express isn’t a one trick pony. The Serve prepaid debit card is another great offering that provides buying power for those who are looking for an all purposes and versatile prepaid product. Many made the decision to abandon credit cards, and while the trend isn’t big enough to have CEOs lose sleep, it did open up an avenue of consumers whose options were limited.

The benefits are both plentiful and impressive and this card really gives the competition a run for its money. It’s affordable with few fees and you can quickly open your account online or by finding them at some retailers. You can even create branches for family members. This is great for those who want to ensure one family member isn’t blowing the budget over others.

The card can be used anywhere that American Express is accepted. The digital prepaid account can be used for making purchases online, from a mobile phone and in stores. Finding ATMs is easy, too. American Express doesn’t charge fees for the first cash withdrawal every month, either, so there’s another opportunity for consumers to save.

As you can see, there are a lot of great offers on the market today. In a time when consumers are better armed with resources for making the most of their money, these offers are proof that the credit card companies are taking note and revamping their financial product offerings. Remember, as a consumer, you have the power to play a role in anything that requires your money – and that’s especially true when it comes to credit cards, regardless of whether they’re shopping cards, prepaid debit cards or the traditional rewards credit card.

So what’s your favorite credit card? Are you loyal to one network or is more about finding the right rewards programs first?

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