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What’s so good About the YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card?

YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card

Did You Say Free?

Nothing is free anymore, or so you might think. While this is indeed somewhat true, the YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card is perhaps the next best thing. It costs you nothing to own one, costs you nothing to activate it, and costs you nothing to use it on standard domestic purchases! If that is not enough, the small and incredibly reasonable monthly account maintenance fee is waived every month as long as you deposit at least $500. This should be very easy to do since you can take advantage of free direct deposit as well. Of course, you do not have to deposit all of your paycheck every month, just enough to qualify for the deposit fee waiver. This gives you more than enough freedom to enjoy your money they way that you want to.

Along with this free direct deposit payroll option, you can also have any government benefit checks that are issued to you added to your YAP MasterCard prepaid card for free too. If you choose to, you can also attach your YAP card to an existing bank account without a charge. Transfers from your bank to your MasterCard will then be available at no charge to you, either. You can also transfer and receive money via your mobile device and check your balance all for free too. Obviously, if you avoid credit cards because you are apprehensive about fees, this is a more-than-fair alternative.

What’s the Catch

If you are thinking that the YAP Master Card can’t be completely free, you are correct. However, before you jump to the conclusion that they must have some hidden fees or charges, you should take a look at what you really pay for. Aside from the easily-waived monthly maintenance charge, you can also expect to pay a couple bucks for ATM withdrawal. This should not come as much of a surprise considering that all cards can potentially charge you to withdrawal, save your bank card when used at a bank ATM.

You can also expect to see very minimal fees for other additional features. For instance, you might pay the equivalent of a few coins to check your balance at any ATM. It might also behoove you to know that you are not safe from the fees that other financial institutions might charge you to use your YAP MasterCard credit card at their establishments. Before you withdraw cash from a private bank ATM or load cash at a local retailer, you may want to learn a little bit about who charges to use the service, and how much that amount might be.

Don’t You Get What You Pay For?

Apparently, with the YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card, you get far more than you could expect, at least according to what it actually cost you. Of course, the card itself is free, but so is nearly every service and feature offered by the card. What’s more, you get the convenience of YAP, which puts your account information and every card service at your fingertips online. While you might appreciate the added feature of account maintenance via your mobile phone, you will find everything you need in one convenient and easy-to-use location on the web. This means that you do not in fact need to leave your house to check your balance, or even to transfer money or make a deposit.

Just because you don’t want to apply for a credit card, doesn’t mean that you should have to pay extra for similar services. Carrying a YAP MasterCard prepaid card does not have to mean that you have been denied from every credit card company on the planet. Maybe you have previously had a bad experience with a credit card company, or have heard too many reports of complaints and problems with service providers. If not carrying a credit is a conscious choice then there is no reason why you should have to pay an arm and a leg to have access to the same convenience. This card company seems to understand that, and have designed this particular package to help you find the convenience and benefits you are looking for.

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  1. shawnda says: [05 May 2011 - 11:26 • ]

    can I rent a car with this card? Does it have a debit logo?

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